Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled south Monday afternoon and picked up Vern, Veronica, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff.


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled south Monday afternoon and picked up Vern, Veronica, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff.  They all traveled to Bison and attended the West River Telephone Cooperative annual meeting and supper.  Tiss won the early bird prize and James won the kids prize.  On their way home, they stopped at the south ranch and Tiss and Morell visited with the Klein’s at their home later in the evening.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to Lemmon Wednesday morning. They stopped at the sale barn for lunch. In the afternoon, they traveled to Hettinger, then out to the south ranch for a while. In the evening, they traveled to Reeder, ND and took Nick and Tammy Treib out to supper to celebrate Tammy’s birthday. On their way home, they were visitors of Vern and Roni Klein and family.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning went to Glen Ullin for supper Thursday evening.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning attended the Mott-Regent Wildfire football game in Mott Friday evening.

Tuesday Bridget, Bodee, Teagan and Terek Keller and Dawn Harris traveled to Bismarck for Teagan’s checkup.

Thursday Sharon Longwood was an afternoon visitor.

Saturday Dave and Annette Lipp and FAUNEIL and Pat Keller were visitors of the Albert Keller family.

Sunday Albert Keller spent the day in Timberlake and returned home that night.

Tuesday, Matt and Christi Miller stopped at Jim and Patsy Miller’s and left Zabrina.  They traveled on to Grand Chapter for Eastern Star in Pierre, SD.

Wednesday and Friday, Jim and Patsy Miller took Zabrina to Hettinger so she could attend school, they picked her up in the afternoon’s.

Friday afternoon, Jim and Patsy Miller played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger.

Saturday, Jim, Patsy and Zabrina Miller traveled to Lemmon.

Eric and Patty Seim were Sunday afternoon visitors of Jim and Patsy Miller.

Matt and Christi Miller returned from their trip to Pierre Sunday and picked up Zabrina from her grandparents, before they returned home.

Monday morning, Thelma Sandgren attended the funeral of Jared Lewton in Hettinger. In the afternoon, she picked up her sister, Gladys Vliem and took her out for pie and coffee for Gladys’ birthday. In the evening, Thelma accompanied Jim and Patsy Miller to the WRCTC annual meeting.

Tuesday, James and Marcie Sandgren brought sandwiches up for supper with Thelma Sandgren and did some work around the ranch.

Bill and Margaret Dickinson stopped in Tuesday to say “Goodbye” before leaving to go back south for the winter.

Tony Alder of Lodgepole came to the Sandgren ranch Thursday to fix the furnace.

Sunday, Thelma Sandgren attended worship at Rosebud.

Georgia Sandgren of Sturgis came up Sunday to the ranch.  Georgia and Thelma went to the home of Cody and Leslie Kling in the afternoon to attend Tucker Francis Kling’s 1st birthday party.

Sunday callers at the Vince Gunn home were Mike Gunn, Carol and Gene Kling.

Lynn Frey visited with his mother, Dorothy, at the Five Counties Nursing home Monday morning.

Lynn Frey took in the West River Cooperative Telephone meeting in Bison Monday evening.

Wednesday Lynn Frey attended the second Rude action in Vale, SD.

Saturday, Lynn Frey was among those who attended the NRA Banquet in Lemmon.

Lynn Frey was a Sunday coffee guest of Mike Bliss.

Bev Hoffman and Eva Davison and Dawn McKinstry had lunch with Kim Keller and friend Gladys of Rapid City in Lemmon Friday.

Shirley Johnson and Morgan Minor went to lunch in Hettinger Wednesday.

Shirley Johnson and Morgan Minor went to Summerville for supper Friday.

LaVonne Foss and Shirley Johnson went to church at Rosebud Sunday and LaVonne was dinner guest of John and Shirley Johnson.


Jim Christman has been visiting with his parents, Art and Marilyn Christman.

Judy Lewis of Sturgis spent the weekend with her parents, Art and Marilyn Christman.

Judy Lewis took Jim Christman to the Rapid City airport Monday morning, so he could return to his home in CA.

Carolyn Petik attended Hope Women’s Bible Study at the home of Kim Petik on Thursday.

Carolyn Petik visited with Belle Kvale Thursday.

Jerry and Carolyn Petik attended the Anniversary Open House for Jim and Nora Anderson in Lemmon Saturday.


Tiss Johnson and Morell picked up Vern, Veronica, Hope, James, and Jade and took them to the West River Telephone meeting in Bison Monday evening. Tiss was a winner of one of the games. And James Klein won the kids drawing – a new mini I pad! Tiss and Morell stopped at the Klein’s for a visit before returning to Morell’s.

Vern and Hope Klein made a trip to Hettinger Tuesday.

Pastor Ed Zimmerman was a brief visitor at the Vern Klein’s Wednesday.

Friday, Vern took James and Jade to their dental appointments. Veronica and Hope were in Lemmon.

Vern, Veronica, Hope, James and Jade were Friday afternoon visitors at Howie and Crystal Geist’s.

Hope and Vern went into Lemmon Saturday morning. In the afternoon Vern and James were visitors at Howie and Crystal Geist. Veronica, Hope and Jade went over to Lemmon’s City Park on main street and enjoyed the nice day.

Bob Johnson, from Lemmon was a Sunday afternoon visitor of the Vern Klein family.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.