Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning called on John Johnson Monday morning.


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning called on John Johnson Monday morning.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a stop in Lemmon, New Leipzig and Elgin Monday. They also had dinner in Elgin before returning to the north ranch.

Tiss Johnson made a trip to Hettinger Thursday morning. She did some errands and took Nick Treib out to lunch. In the afternoon, she traveled to Lemmon and then returned to work.

Tiss Johnson made a trip to Rapid City Friday.

Melvin Friesz joined Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning and they traveled to Linton, ND for the wedding of Michael Friedt and Colette Nagel Saturday afternoon. After the supper and visiting, Tiss, Morell and Melvin returned home.

Those who helped Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning move and work cattle Sunday included Terry and Larry Friedt and their brother Gary Friedt and Terry’s granddaughter Paige; Jason Friedt; Jr Roth; Paul Wollman. They were joined by Gary Friedt; Diane Friedt and some of their friends.

Vince Gunn made a trip to Bison Wednesday.

Susan Gunn worked at the Thrift Shop in Lemmon Saturday.

The Pulis boys of Alaska called on John Johnson Monday afternoon.

Friday the Kellers attended the fish fry Tim and JoAnne Seim hosted.

Paige Marshall spent Saturday with the Keller boys.

Bridget Keller made birthday supper for Duane Harris Saturday night Dawn was with too.

Ben Wiechmann was a visitor Saturday at the Albert Keller home.

Jim and Patsy Miller spent Wednesday in Lemmon.

Jim Miller made a trip to Scranton Thursday.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger Friday.

Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller took Patsy and Jim Miller out to supper in Hettinger Friday evening to celebrate Patsy’s birthday.

Jim and Patsy Miller, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller were among those who attended the Benefit for Karol Hoffman in Lemmon Saturday evening.

Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller spent Sunday with Jim and Patsy Miller.

John Johnson had coffee with Thelma Sandgren Monday.

Vince Gunn was a coffee guest of Thelma Sandgren Tuesday.

Mark Sandgren, who has been staying in Lemmon with the Parkers, was a Wednesday morning breakfast guest of his mother, Thelma Sandgren.

Brady Ham and his crew came to round up cattle and haul them home Wednesday.  Mark Sandgren helped them and they all came in for coffee with Thelma Sandgren.

Steve Sandgren came to the ranch Wednesday afternoon to visit his mother, Thelma.

Mark Sandgren brought pizza out to have lunch with his mother, Thelma Thursday. He then went on to Bison for the afternoon.

Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Hettinger Friday and visited with her sister, Gladys Vliem and took her out for pie and coffee.

Saturday, all of Thelma Sandgren’s family got together for dinner. Alton and Mariette Cornella of Rapid City, Georgia Sandgren of Sturgis, Mark and Linda Sandgren, who have been spending time at the Parkers in Lemmon; Steve and Susie Sandgren; James, Marcie and Kylee Sandgren.

Thelma Sandgren went to worship at the New Hope Worship Center in Lemmon and then she attended the Church dinner at Calvary Lutheran.  She then visited with Steve Sandgren before returning home.

Last Sunday was Warren Van Wyk’s 86th birthday.  All three of his boys were home and served coffee to the congregation at Holland Center. Thelma Sandgren was among those who attended.

Tuesday Lynn Frey made a trip to Bowman, ND.

Jay Kirschmann of Topeka, KS arrived at Lynn Frey’s Tuesday afternoon to spend some time.

Monte Frey was a Wednesday evening guest of Lynn Frey to visit with his cousin Jay Kirschmann.

Jay Kirschmann and Lynn Frey traveled to Bismarck Thursday to visit Marilyn Schwartzbauer.  They also visited with Wade and Noel Miller.

Thursday evening, Roger and Ruth Kirschmann took Marilyn Schwartzbauer and her granddaughter Braelyn Miller, Jay Kirschmann and Lynn Frey out to supper in Bismarck.

Friday Jay Kirschmann and Lynn Frey visited at the home of August and Lucille Kirschmann.  August and Lucille took Jay and Lynn out to dinner in Mott.

Friday evening, Lynn Frey and Jay Kirschmann visited with Dorothy Frey at the Nursing home in Lemmon.

Saturday morning, Jay Kirschmann left to go to Aberdeen for a college reunion.


Last Monday, Jerry and Carolyn Petik were among those who attended the funeral for Della Mae Hatle at the Indian Creek Church.

Thursday, Carolyn Petik visited her mother, Irene Young at the Nursing home in Lemmon.

Darchelle and Rich Jay of CO were Friday guests of Jerry and Carolyn Petik.

Saturday night, Jerry and Carolyn Petik attended a Potluck supper at the Hope Church.

Marilyn Christman spent the weekend in Sturgis with Chuck and Judy Lewis.


Vern, Roni, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff made a trip to Dickinson Saturday. They were guests at the home of Andrew and Kristina McFarland and Anthony Schaff where they had lunch.

Anthony Schaff, Vern, Roni, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff went to the home of Jesse and Elyse Crouch Saturday afternoon where they celebrated the first birthday of Cadence Crouch.  They returned home later that evening.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.