Hettinger High School gears up for one-act play contest

Eleven high school students have been cast as the comedic thespians in this year’s one-act play.

Jeri Dunn

Eleven high school students have been cast as the comedic thespians in this year’s one-act play. We will take the comedy-mystery to the Region X Contest at Dickinson State University on Thursday, Nov. 10. However, before that, we plan to have two public performances on Wednesday, Nov. 9. The first will be during school and begin at 12:45 p.m. (before the early dismissal for a teacher writing workshop). The second public performance will be at 7:00 p.m., also on the Roberts-Reinke Auditorium stage.

We would like to thank the ministerial association for their understanding of our need to use Wednesday night as our girls’ volleyball team members will be unavailable other nights for performances.

“Uninvited Ghost” was written by Le Roma Greth, a playwright known for her comedies, and was originally published in 1949 and then renewed in 1966. If you see our interpretation of her play, you will see that it is timeless in its plot…and, of course, perfect for this time of year! The plot is based on a group of students who have an ulterior motive for being in a haunted house, a young couple who have ulterior motives for wishing to view the same house which is up for sale and a couple of other cast members you have to “see to believe”!

Our cleverly written one-act mystery stars the following seniors: McKenna Poss, Elli Kaitfors, Jordan Hill, Sam Reuther, Tayler Burwick, Damon Cornelius and Alec Andress. Constituting the rest of the cast are junior Ethan Dupper, sophomore Anna Kludt, and freshmen Emily Shirek and Kelby Pemberton. Our lighting specialist will again be Henry Hanson, and our back-stage manager is Miami Pekas.

Because of the renovations to the school and equipment added to the stage, we have had to overcome difficulties in practices. We hope that you can hear well enough to enjoy our performance, but we do caution anyone with hearing difficulties to get a forward seat. Admission each time will be $1 for students and $2 for adults. Please remember that we don’t honor activity tickets because we have to pay royalties.

This comedy is fast-paced, is full of movement and some action, and has a few plot twists you may not expect . . . Also, this talented group of performers should have you laughing and on the edge of your seats as they unfold the “cold-case” mystery for you concerning the haunted Redcay Mansion!