Neighboring News


Tiss Johnson spent Tuesday in Lemmon.


Tiss Johnson spent Tuesday in Lemmon. In the afternoon, she met Dee Strehlow at Lemmon Livestock, called on Astrid Alexander, visited with Cindy Kahl, called on Shirley Johnson and stopped at the Chet Anderson home. As she traveled north, she called on Jim and Patsy Miller and met Gordie Bader along the Watrus road.

Wednesday Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Mott and had lunch before returning home.

Wednesday evening, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning attended a Vitalix supper and meeting in Mott.

Saturday late afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled south and took Shirley Johnson out to supper at Shadehill. They were then evening guests of Shirley to watch the horse race in California in which John had a horse running.

Sunday morning, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning attended worship at Rosebud Lutheran, they then took Shirley Johnson out to dinner at Shadehill. In the afternoon, Tiss and Morell spent time at the south ranch. Nick Treib called on them. Later, Tiss and Morell visited with Gary Johnson before starting the trip back north.  On their way, they were guests at the home of Vern and Roni Klein.

Wednesday, Lynn Frey drove to Phillip. Thursday, he took in the Cooperative Extension Livestock Handling Workshop. He returned home in the evening.

Sunday, Lynn Frey made a trip to Hettinger. Later he went to Lemmon to attend Ed Schmidt’s birthday party and visited his mother, Dorothy, at the nursing home.

Susan Gunn worked at the Thrift Shop Tuesday and Saturday.

Vince Gunn made a trip to Bison Wednesday.

Elizabeth Gunn and Susan Gunn traveled to Bismarck Saturday. Elizabeth attended a wedding and Susan attended a conference and they returned home Sunday.

John Johnson left Thursday to travel to Los Angeles, CA where his horse, Faster Then Hasta, was running in the John Deere Juvenile Challenge Championship.  John returned home Sunday afternoon.

Shirley Johnson accompanied Jodi and Lexi Johnson to church at Rosebud Sunday.

Earl and Anita Stugelmeyer visited with Shirley Johnson Sunday afternoon.

LaVonne Foss called on Shirley Johnson Sunday afternoon.

JoAnne Seim and Dawn Harris hosted a Halloween party for the Rosebud and surrounding community kids Saturday afternoon at the church.

Monday, Thelma Sandgren called on Jean and Kel Brockel.

Tuesday, Thelma Sandgren visited with Kathy Archibald to help her celebrate her birthday.

Thursday Thelma Sandgren spent the day in Bison.

Sunday, Thelma Sandgren attended worship in Bison. She then accompanied James and Marci Sandgren to the Hymn sing in Prairie City.

Monday, Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Faith.

Tuesday, Jim and Patsy Miller made trips to Morristown and Lemmon.

Patsy Miller spent time in Bison Thursday.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger Friday.

Friday evening, Jim and Patsy Miller took Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller and Jolyne Stippich out to supper in Reeder. They celebrated Christi’s birthday.

Jim and Patsy Miller were among those who attended the funeral of Debbie Robertson in Hettinger Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, Patsy, Christi and Zabrina Miller were among those who attended the Halloween Party at the Rosebud Church Saturday afternoon.

Patsy and Christi Miller attended the Painting class in Bison Sunday afternoon.

Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Hettinger Sunday evening and had supper with Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller and watch Zabrina carve her pumpkin.

Chiara Becker, Germany, arrived late Thursday night to spend time with the Kellers.

Friday, Duane Harris was a dinner guest of the Kellers.

Saturday the Kellers attended the Halloween party at the church.

Alex, Natasha, Ian and Fiona Keller, Sioux City, Iowa were Saturday overnight guests of the Kellers.

Sunday Teagan and Terek Keller were baptized. Dinner guests at the Albert and Bridget Keller home after the baptism were Patricia, Fauniel and Pierce Keller; Perry, Stacy and Bailey Keller; Alex, Natasha, Ian and Fiona Keller, Duane and Dawn Harris; Earl, Mary, Tori and Tavi Hirchert; Woody and Paige Marshall; Larry, Sarah, Spencer and McKenna Dreiske.


Last weekend, Judy Lewis and Marilyn Christman traveled to Mexico to attend the wedding of Marilyn’s granddaughter, Amanda Scott. They spent the weekend there. Marilyn returned home Monday.


Jade Schaff was a Thursday overnight guest of Haylee Briscoe along with Darla Barnes. They carved pumpkins.

Tami and Haylee Briscoe brought Jade home Friday so she could get some clothes to wear. Jade went back to town with them and spent the night.

Vernon and Veronica Klein went to Lemmon Saturday. They stopped at Tami Briscoe’s house to see if Jade and Haylee were ready for the Halloween party at the Elementary.

The school had an excellent Halloween party Saturday afternoon with plenty of treats – food and a haunted library to go through.  After the party Vernon, Veronica, Jade and Haylee went to the Klein farm. Shortly after getting home Jade and Haylee went to Grandma Violet’s where they played a few games of cards.

Vernon, Veronica, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff gave Haylee Briscoe a ride home and then went on to Hettinger. After some shopping, they returned to the farm. In the evening Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were coffee guests.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.