Burgum names Jodi Uecker as Transition Chair

Governor-elect Doug Burgum and Lt. Governor-elect Brent Sanford have named Jodi Uecker as the Chair of the transition team.

FARGO—Governor-elect Doug Burgum and Lt. Governor-elect Brent Sanford have named Jodi Uecker as the Chair of the transition team.
“Between her experience in the private sector at Great Plains and Microsoft and her work on Governor Hoeven’s transition team, Jodi has a unique perspective that will help us build a strong team,” said Governor-elect Doug Burgum.
“I am honored to serve as Governor-elect Doug Burgum’s transition chair and encourage individuals interested serving in this new administration to visit www.joindougburgum.com,” said Jodi Uecker.  “Together we will build a team that will help us balance the budget without raising taxes, diversify our economy and build vibrant communities across North Dakota,”
• About Jodi
As the Chair of the Doug Burgum for North Dakota Transition Team, Hettinger native Jodi Uecker brings over thirty years of experience to the role.
As a business leader, Uecker has successfully navigated growing companies through complex mergers and acquisitions, and steered companies back to growth during times of economic downturn and high growth. Uecker served as an adviser on Governor Hoeven’s 2000 transition team, and later on the North Dakota Workforce Development Council.
Uecker’s relationship with Burgum goes back to their time working together at Great Plains Software. From 1984 – 2001, she served in both operational and leadership positions at Great Plains, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, where she oversaw companywide staffing and budgeting operations. With Burgum’s vision and Uecker’s leadership, Great Plains grew into an over 2,000 employee company and was named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.
After successfully leading Great Plains’ merger with Microsoft in 2001, Uekcer served as the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Business Solutions division, and was responsible for building an international leadership team across Microsoft’s campuses in Fargo, Redmond, Wash. and Copenhagen, DK.
Most recently, Uecker served as the interim President for Sage Business Solutions.