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Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Dickinson Thursday late afternoon to get supplies and had supper before returning home.


Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Dickinson Thursday late afternoon to get supplies and had supper before returning home.

Ray Greff was a Friday evening caller at Morell Hiring and Tiss Johnson’s.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning attended the wedding of Morell’s cousin, Aaron Friesz and Sara Holler in Elgin Saturday afternoon, they also attended the reception in New Leipzig following the wedding.

Mike and Paula Greff were Sunday supper and evening guests of Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning.

Brady Ham had coffee with Thelma Sandgren last Monday afternoon.

Arlen Aker took Thelma Sandgren to Hettinger last Tuesday where she finished her Christmas shopping.

Thelma Sandgren attended coffee hours at Bison business’s during the week.

Georgia Sandgren came to Bison Saturday afternoon and took Thelma Sandgren to church at the Presbyterian Christmas Eve services.

Tuesday, Mark, Linda, Georgia and Thelma Sandgren had Christmas with James and Marcie Sandgren.

Georgia Sandgren returned to Sturgis Wednesday.

Thursday, Mark Sandgren picked up Thelma and dropped her off at Georgia Sandgren’s.

Friday guests of Alton and Mariette Cornella and family were the Steve Sandgren family; Mark and Linda Sandgren; Georgia Sandgren; James, Marci and Kylee Sandgren; Thelma Sandgren. The Steve Sandgren family returned home afterwards.

Friday evening a retirement party was held for Alton Cornella. James, Marci and Kylee Sandgren, Mark and Linda Sandgren, Georgia and Thelma Sandgren were among those who attended.

Saturday Mark Sandgren called from Spearfish and Georgia and Thelma Sandgren came from Sturgis to Spearfish and met Mark for breakfast.

Georgia and Thelma Sandgren visited Lois Blosmo in Spearfish Saturday morning.

James and Marci Sandgren picked up Thelma Sandgren Saturday and they returned home.

Lynn Frey made a trip to Lemmon Wednesday.

Thursday Micki, Sunny and Macie Tiedemann were at the Albert Kellers for the day to play with the boys.

Saturday, Les and Sharon Longwood, Kyan and Kinley Stadheim; Larry, Sarah, Spencer and McKenna Dreiske and Duane and Dawn Harris were supper guests of the Albert Kellers.

Vince and Susan Gunn were Sunday dinner guests of Gene and Carol Kling in Lemmon.

Vince and Susan Gunn played cards at Summerville Sunday afternoon.

Bob Johnson called on John and Shirley Johnson one afternoon this week.

Lexi Johnson and Megan Nehl visited with Shirley Johnson one day this past week.

Terry and Sheila Bennet left Sunday to return to their home in Fargo after spending a week visiting at the Johnson’s.

Kelly and Dan LaDue and boys of Draper, Utah arrived last Friday afternoon and spent through Wednesday morning with Tim and JoAnne Seim.

Dan, Kelly, Ketch and Owen LaDue, Tim and JoAnne Seim were among the Christmas Eve guests of Bonnie Haynes.

Jim and Patsy Miller were in Lemmon Thursday and had lunch with Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller and Archie and Carol Goodrich.

Friday evening, Jim and Patsy Miller were supper guests of Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller.

Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller were Saturday and Sunday guests of Jim and Patsy Miller.


Jane Christman and Walter Kingsbury of Boulder, CO were Christmas guests of Art and Marilyn Christman.

Gary Christman of Houston, TX arrived at Art and Marilyn Christman’s Thursday. Julie Scott of Phoenix, AZ and Judy Lewis of Sturgis arrived Saturday to spend some time with Art and Marilyn Christman.


Leif Bakken traveled to Israel Thursday. He accompanied the Lutheran Campus Ministry from Minot State University.

Tuesday, Anthony Schaff returned to his home in Dickinson.

New Year’s Eve – Veronica Klein made supper and the family took it over to Violet Klein’s where they all enjoyed a few games to bring in the New Year.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.