Night Hawks Bring Home A Championship

Hettinger/Scranton beats Oakes to win state duals

The team stands with their fans behind them after winning the State B Dual portion of the state tournament. (Reflections Studio)

For The Record

They stand above the rest. Congratulations to the 2017 State Dual Westling Champions, the Hettinger/Scranont Night Hawks. They opened up with dominating 55-19 win over Oakes, the No. 2 team out of Region 1. They recorded eight of their 10 match wins via pins.

Up next in the semi-finals were the Bishop Ryan Lions out of Minot. Ryan had previously got by Bowman Co.-Beach 45-28.  Ryan trailed the entire match, until they posted four straight pins in their last four matches.

Kyle Burwick after winning the state championship for his weight class. (Reflections Studio)

The Night Hawks won their first six matches against Ryan and jumped out to a 29-0 lead and held on to pull out a 35-33 win.  The key win was at 195 where I’m sure the Ryan wrestler Corbin Okeson was the favorite, but Paul Abrahamson battled him all the way and won 8-1.  Okeson was the No. 8 seed at 182 in the individual portion of the tourney.  Those three points were enough to prevent Ryan from taking a lead with only three matches left.  Ryan scored 18 points in those three matches.

In the championship match against favored Lisbon, the Night Hawks again jumped out to big lead with five straight wins in the lower weights.  Lisbon came back to take six of the next eight matches to pull ahead 30-28.  It then came down to the 103 match with two wrestlers who had not qualified for the individual portion of the tourney, Night Hawk Conner Andress and

Lisbon’s  Caleb Nielsen.  Andress got the first take down and pretty much controlled the match, but could not get Nielson on his back.  Andress held a 4-1 advantage with five seconds left when Nielson managed a quick reversal, but time ran out and Andress had the 4-3 win.  His win also gave the Night Hawks the state dual championship and he was mobbed after the win.  No doubt it was his biggest win and will be hard to top in future years.  Being only a seventh grader he will have many more opportunities to top it.

Match 1 Championship Bracket: No. 2 Hettinger/Scranton defeated Oakes 55-19

120 – Kyle Burwick(H/S) over Austin Burgard (Oakes) Fall 0:54

126 – Brackin Awender (Oakes) over Chris Fisher(H/S) Fall 3:18

132 – Ty Warbis(H/S) over Marc Seyer (Oakes) Dec 8-3

Cale Schalesky after winning an individual state championship. (Reflections Studio)

138 – Cale Schalesky(H/S) over Trever Meyer (Oakes) Fall 0:57

145 – Taylor Schall (Oakes) over Ben Dalley(H/S) Dec 10-3

152 – Alec Andress(H/S) over Sever Skjefte (Oakes) Fall 3:25

160 – Ethan Anderson(H/S) over Logan Sell (Oakes) Fall 0:40

170 – Issac Anderson(H/S) over Christopher Schmit (Oakes) Fall 3:13

182 – Damon Cornelius(H/S) over Gabe Quandt (Oakes) Maj 8-0

195 – Paul Abrahamson(H/S) over Jacob Hankel (Oakes) Fall 1:26

220 – Jacob Schalesky(H/S) over Hunter Greenmyer (Oakes) Fall 0:35

285 – Jarod Roth (Oakes) over Sam Urwiller(H/S) Fall 1:06

106 – Conner Andress(H/S) over John German (Oakes) Fall 1:05

113 – Coy Awender (Oakes) over Cade Warbis(H/S) Maj 20-6

Match 2 Championship Bracket: No. 2 Hettinger/Scranton defeated No. 3 Bishop Ryan 35-33

113 – Mason Defoe(H/S) over Conner Ledoux (Bishop Ryan) Dec 5-0

120 – Kyle Burwick(H/S) over Chase Burke (Bishop Ryan) Fall 1:48

126 – Chris Fisher(H/S) over Ethan Winick (Bishop Ryan) TF 18-1

132 – Ty Warbis(H/S) over Murphy Lipp (Bishop Ryan) Dec 4-2

138 – Cale Schalesky(H/S) over Luke Voorhies (Bishop Ryan) Fall 1:43

145 – Alec Andress(H/S) over Kaleb Beeter (Bishop Ryan) Fall 2:25

152 – Hayden Schall (Bishop Ryan) over Chris Evers(H/S) Fall 0:41

160 – Konner Beeter (Bishop Ryan) over Ethan Anderson(H/S) Dec 11-9

170 – Cole Dauphinais (Bishop Ryan) over Damon Cornelius(H/S) Fall 3:14

182 – Issac Anderson(H/S) over Josh Johnannson (Bishop Ryan) Dec 8-5

195 – Paul Abrahamson(H/S) over Corbin Okeson (Bishop Ryan) Dec 8-1

220 – Jaxon Lundeen (Bishop Ryan) over Andrew Sulzman(H/S) Inj. 0:02

285 – Jordan Will (Bishop Ryan) over Sam Urwiller(H/S) Fall 0:47

106 – Kersey Harris (Bishop Ryan) over Conner Andress(H/S) Fall 1:47

Match 3 – First Place Match: No. 2 Hettinger/Scranton defeated No. 1 Lisbon 31-30

113 – Cade Warbis(H/S) over Averey Dick (Lisbon) Dec 4-2

120 – Mason Defoe(H/S) over Hunter Schultz (Lisbon) Dec 5-0

126 – Kyle Burwick(H/S) over Hunter Schwab (Lisbon) TF 15-0

132 – Cale Schalesky(H/S) over Jordan Sours (Lisbon) Dec 8-2

138 – Ty Warbis(H/S) over Jaden Schmidt (Lisbon) TF 18-3

145 – Ethan Elijah (Lisbon) over Alec Andress(H/S) Inj 2:05

152 – Dalton Aabrekke (Lisbon) over Ben Dalley(H/S) Dec 9-7

160 – Ethan Anderson(H/S) over Dalton Reinke (Lisbon) Dec 9-3

170 – Jordan Urbach (Lisbon) over Issac Anderson(H/S) Dec 12-10

182 – Soren McDaniel (Lisbon) over Damon Cornelius(H/S) Fall 1:29

195 – Gavin Reinke (Lisbon) over Paul Abrahamson(H/S) Fall 0:58

220 – Jacob Schalesky(H/S) over Spencer Schwab (Lisbon) Fall 2:12

285 – Taylon Sad (Lisbon) over Sam Urwiller(H/S) Fall 2:45

106 – Conner Andress(H/S) over Caleb Nielsen (Lisbon) Dec 4-3

In the individual portion of the tourney, it looked reminiscent of 2015 for Kyle Burwick and Cale Schalesky as they both won state titles in a domineering fashion as they did two years ago.  Burwick had three pins and finished with major decision in the championship match at 120.  Schalesky had a pin and two tech falls on his way to the championship match.  In that match he opened with the lead over Braydin Jangula of Napoleon and later found himself on his back fighting off a possible pin.  There was about 40 seconds left in the period but he managed to avoid being pinned.  He took over after that and won a tough 7-3 decision at 132.  It was the third straight title for Burwick and the second in three years for Schalesky.  Both will be back next year as Burwick is a sophomore and Schalesky a junior.

Jacob Schalesky was the third Night Hawk in the finals but unfortunately had to face Jordan Will of Bishop Ryan in his 220-pound championship match.  Will is just a dominant wrestler who came into the tourney with a 54-1 record.  He had pinned his previous three opponents all in the first period.  Will pinned Schalesky in the second period.

Other placers for the Night Hawks were Ethan Anderson third at 160, Mason Defoe fifth at 113, Isaac Anderson sixth at 170 and Alec Andress was eighth at 145.  Andress was forced out of the tourney, as he had to default due to a reoccurring shoulder injury.

One of the inspiring matches was No. 2 seeded Zach Broadwell of Carrington against unseeded Night Hawk Ty Warbis at 138.  Warbis gave Broadwell all he wanted, but lost a tough 9-6 decision.

Region 4 did well at the tourney as five of their teams finished in the top 15.  There were 30 teams in the tourney.

The Night Hawks did well, and placed third overall.

Final Standings.

Lisbon 150, Carrington 139.5, Hettinger-Scranton 129, Minot Ryan 115, Pembina County North 103, New Salem-Almont 97, Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter 87, Beulah-Hazen 85, South Border 81.5, Velva 79.5, Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm 67, Oakes 60, Bowman County 55, Hillsboro-Central Valley 55, Watford City 55, Rugby 53.5, Kindred 53, Killdeer 51, Grafton 46.5, Williams County 32, Linton-HMB 30, Harvey-Wells County 29, Central Cass 26, Standing Rock 25.5, Des Lacs-Burlington 25, Northern Lights 14, Stanley-Powers Lake 13, New Town-Parshall 11, LaMoure-Litchville-Marion 10, Larimore 4, Mayville-Portland-CG 4.

2017 ND Class B State Indv Tournament Results for H-S

•113 – Mason Defoe (35-15) placed 5th and scored 11.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Mason Defoe (H-S) pinned Jarett Jangula (Napoleon G-S) 17-22 (Fall 3:05)

Quarterfinal – Mason Defoe (H-S) decisioned Riley Zachmeier (Rugby) 41-4 (Dec 4-2)

Semifinal – Jeremy Leintz (Beulah-Hazen) 50-4 decisioned Mason Defoe (H-S) (Dec 4-3)

Cons. Semi – Chandler Nagel (Linton HMB) 45-4 won in OT over Mason Defoe (H-S) (3-2)

5th Place Match – Mason Defoe (H-S) decisioned Riley Zachmeier (Rugby) 41-4 (Dec 6-3)

•120 – Kyle Burwick (50-3) placed 1st and scored 29.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Kyle Burwick (H-S) pinned Hunter Schultz (Lisbon) 17-17 (Fall 1:34)

Quarterfinal – Kyle Burwick (H-S) pinned Cameron Taylor (Williams County) 20-19 (Fall 1:04)

Semifinal – Kyle Burwick (H-S) pinned Braedon Gumke (Watford City) 41-15 (Fall 1:34)

First Place – Kyle Burwick (H-S) major decisioned Alex Madrigal (Bowman County) 33-8 (15-3)

•126 – Chris Fisher (14-12) place is unknown and scored 3.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Braetyn Yanish (Velva) 25-23 pinned Chris Fisher (H-S) (Fall 1:33)

Cons. Round 1 – Chris Fisher (H-S) pinned Brady Volk (Rugby) 17-20 (Fall 2:12)

Cons. Round 2 – Brackin Awender (Oakes) 31-18 decisioned Chris Fisher (H-S) (Dec 16-13)

•132 – Cale Schalesky (31-4) placed 1st and scored 27.00 team points.

Champ. Rd 1 – Cale Schalesky (H-S) pinned Walter Winkler (Des-Lacs B.) 23-12 (Fall 5:38)

Quarterfinal – Cale Schalesky (H-S) tech falled  Austin Hendrickson (Carrington) 35-19 (21-4))

Semifinal – Cale Schalesky (H-S) tech falled Josh Irwin (New Salem-Almont) 33-14 (17-2))

First Place Match – Cale Schalesky (H-S) decisioned Braydin Jangula (Napoleon) 36-4 (Dec •138 – Ty Warbis (25-21).

Champ. Round 1 – Zach Broadwell (Carrington) 22-7 decisioned Ty Warbis (H-S) (Dec 9-6)

Cons. Rd 1 – Trevor Harstad (Stanley/Power L.) 23-21 major decisioned Ty Warbis (H-S) (17-8)

•145 – Alec Andress (19-5) placed 8th and scored 6.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Alec Andress (H-S) pinned Austin Steffen (Larimore) 13-21 (Fall 0:40)

Quarterfinal – Jacob Bitz (Napoleon G-S) 32-9 decisioned Alec Andress (H-S) (Dec 11-6)

Cons. Round 2 – Alec Andress (H-S) decisioned Hector Reyes (Grafton) 15-6 (Dec 12-6)

Cons. Rd 3 – Tyler Hoggarth (Carrington) 46-13 major decisioned Alec Andress (H-S) (13-5)

Seventh Place – Mark Jochim (South Border) 36-15 won by medical forfeit over Alec Andress (H-S)

•160 – Ethan Anderson (50-13) placed 3rd and scored 18.00 team points.

Champ. Rd 1 – E. Anderson (H-S) pinned Dominic Calvillo (Pembina Co. No.) 6-23 (Fall 0:56)

Quarterfinal – Ethan Anderson (H-S) pinned Noah Flores (Grafton) 28-14 (Fall 1:55)

Semifinal – Tyler Erickson (Beulah-Hazen) 34-15 decisioned Ethan Anderson (H-S) (Dec 3-2)

Cons. Semi – Ethan Anderson (H-S) decisioned Tony Kluver (Killdeer) 32-12 (Dec 6-0)

Third Place Match – Ethan Anderson (H-S) decisioned Dalton Reinke (Lisbon) 38-7 (Dec 2-0)

•170 – Issac Anderson (31-10) placed 6th and scored 11.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Issac Anderson (H-S) pinned Cole Schneibel (Rugby) 15-17 (Fall 1:18)

Quarterfinal – Kaden Wolsky (Carrington) 41-16 pinned Issac Anderson (H-S) (Fall 2:00)

Cons. Round 2 – Issac Anderson (H-S) pinned Clark Thielges (South Border) 26-15 (Fall 2:56)

Cons. Round 3 – Issac Anderson (H-S) decisioned Brock Selzler (Velva) 25-12 (Dec 14-7)

Cons. Semi – Mark Hastings (Hillsboro/C. Valley) 47-8 decisioned Issac Anderson (H-S)  (11-5)

5th Place Match – Kaden Wolsky (Carrington) 41-16 decisioned Issac Anderson (H-S) (10-6)

•220 – Jacob Schalesky (36-10) placed 2nd and scored 24.00 team points.

Champ. Round 1 – Jacob Schalesky (H-S) pinned Hunter Greenmyer (Oakes) 14-22 (Fall 0:37)

Quarterfinal – Jacob Schalesky (H-S) pinned Max Defender (Northern Lights) 33-14 (Fall 1:18)

Semifinal – Jacob Schalesky (H-S) pinned Riley Molter (South Border) 31-10 (Fall 3:24)

First Place Match – Jordan Will (Bishop Ryan) 55-1 pinned Jacob Schalesky (H-S) (Fall 2:42)