Signing Off

After seven years of riding the waves, Jill Anderson leaving KNDC, radio business

Jill Anderson has gained a following over the years at KNDC. Anderson will be leaving the radio business for a position in Lemmon. She has been a voice on KNDC for nearly seven years. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

A familiar voice is signing off.

After seven years of work on the airwaves, KNDC’s Jill Anderson is moving on, and out of the business. Anderson has accepted a job with Live Incorporated in Lemmon. She has been hired to be Assistant Director and will be working with human services in training and grant writing.

She first signed on when she was just a high school student in Lemmon. She worked at KBJM before venturing off after she graduated.

Anderson returned to the area, and Mike Schweitzer—owner of KBJM and KNDC—offered her the position at the station in Hettinger. She took it, thinking it would be a short-term employment.

“It really turned out to be a lesson and a delight to be on the radio at KNDC,” she said.

Jill Anderson

Anderson said she really learned the business side of the job. Prior to her work at the station, she had just gone to work, and completed her tasks before clocking out at the end of the day. But with this position, and dealing a wide range of businesses, she realized the importance of community support.

“It really is important for people to realize that they need to support [the community],” she said. “Businesses need to support each other to make a small town stay successful, I’ve really learned that.”

Radio touches a lot of people, Anderson said. But she never knew how real that statement was until she was behind the microphone.

“You never realize how much radio touches people until you start being part of their everyday lives,” she said.

The audience is quick to realize format changes and even when the person on their radio isn’t feeling well. Anderson said she gets concerned citizens calling when she has a raspy throat, or a nasally voice on days when she’s not 100 percent healthy.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “If I’ve got a cold it’s like people call and are like “oh are you feeling ok?””

She’s going to miss the first-hand touch she had to the music playlist. She didn’t just like listening though, she liked discovering new tunes.

“I like all kinds of music, so it’s fun for me on Friday’s when I get to do all that,” she said.

She won’t miss the commute, but that’s really the only aspect she won’t look back at.

“I really won’t miss that at all,” she said. “That’s about the only thing I won’t miss, everything about the radio station has been really good to me.”

She did add that up until this year, she has been fortunate throughout the last seven years to have decent weather.

Nolan Dix, the station’s manager, credits her commute as a display of her commitment to the job at KNDC over the years. Dix also said the audience will miss her talking to them everyday.

“She was obviously devoted to her job because she drove back and forth from Lemmon, she did a great job in sales, [and] especially did a great job on the air, she had a lot of listeners,” Dix said.

Schweitzer said she will be missed, but understands the move for Anderson.

“I’ve known and worked with her for a longtime, and I thought she did really nice job at KNDC, we’re sorry to see her go but we totally understand,” he said.

For those interested in getting into radio, Anderson said you just have to be confident, and that people who think they lack the confidence may actually be surprised at how well they perform when they are on the air.

“I have a lot easier time speaking on the air then I do in public,” she said. “I think people would be surprised at how easy it is once they do it.”

Smiling is also key, she said, because it comes out in your voice.

She loved her time in Hettinger and just wanted to say she appreciated the community.

“I really would like to thank the people of Hettinger, I was a Lemmon person and there’s always been a rival between Hettinger and Lemmon, and really Hettinger was very welcoming to me, everybody’s always been very friendly to me, I’ve always felt appreciated at the job I’ve done, and I will really miss it a lot…I will miss coming to Hettinger everyday, and I really appreciate everything they’ve done to make it easy for me to be here for seven years.” she said.