Positive changes primary focus for Hettinger Student Council

Hettinger Student Council is committed to making positive changes to our school.

Officers and Members of the Water Bottle Committee (L to R) Ben Dalley, Alec Andress, McKenna Poss, Nicole Landsem, Jordan Hill. (Courtesy Photo)

Senior Student

Hettinger Student Council is committed to making positive changes to our school. For the past two years, we have been raising money by selling wreaths for a new water fountain. But not just any fountain, one with a water bottle filler. On March 20, the school was introduced to our new purchase.

In just 24 hours,  we saved 80 bottles of water by refilling. It is estimated that three liters of water are used to package one liter of bottled water. By having this new water bottle filler, we took a small step to great change for our environment.

The student council has made progress towards helping childhood hunger in the Hettinger area. The Hettinger BackPack Program provides food for children in our community.  The student council has created a culture of giving and has raised $944.25 that has been donated to the BackPack program. This has made a tremendous difference in their lives.

Pool renovations students in all grades will be provided with opportunities to raise money for the renovations of our pool. The student council will be providing life-guard and refreshments for the resulting pool parties.

The student council is open to all high school students. We do not collect fees and we encourage all students to participate.  The student council is truly committed to making a positive impact on our school, community, and environment.