Reeder road slated for repair

Another road improvement project is on the books for Adams County.

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

Another road improvement project is on the books for Adams County. After completing improvements to Railway Street and Mirror Lake Road the last two years, 15th Avenue NW, a heavily used road north of Reeder, will get repairs this summer.

The project is still very much in the planning stages, but Brosz Engineer Billy Doerr said that bids should be opened up around the first part of May.

The project will start where Highway 12 and 15th Avenue NW intersect and will stretch 6.7 miles north.

The road is in need of improvements, Doerr said. But part of the projects it to improve the public safety of the road. According to the project description on one of the project documents, the road will be widened, and flatter slopes off the shoulder of the road will be constructed. Lowering grades and improving sight distance over hilltops will also be parts of the project that will aid in greater public safety.

Widening will also help producers moving equipment, which through the years continues to grow in size as agriculture technology develops. The current width of the road is 24 feet, and Doerr said they hope to widen it to 28 feet, but that detail still being decided.

With extending the width of the road, temporary construction easements will need to be acquired, and Doerr said they have just begin to contact the 17 landowners that have property on the stretch of 15th Avenue that will be under construction.

The project has a “very preliminary estimate” of $1.3 million, Doerr said.

Though not entirely covered, much of the project cost will be funded thanks to left over funds from Senate Bill 2103 and House Bill 1358, which distributed funds to counties around the state at the height of the oil boom.

Currently the road is chip sealed, and after the work is finished and the road is widened, the road will be gravel. When additional funds are made available, the plan is to make put another layer of chip-seal.

After bids are opened and the contract is awarded, the general contractor will determine the completion date of the project. But Doerr said it should be finished during the 2017 construction season.