Hettinger launches new city website

The city of Hettinger has a new presence on the world wide web.

Home page of the new-look website.

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

The city of Hettinger has a new presence on the world wide web. After a few years of thought and almost six months of planning, HettingerND.com has a new, fresh look, and it works on your mobile phone.

In an age of smart phones and tablets, the old site’s format just wouldn’t work very well on the small screen.

“The whole deal was to make it more user-friendly for people on their mobile devices,” Earleen Friesz said. Friesz works of the Community Promotions Office—which serves the Adams County Development Corporation, Dakota Buttes Visitors Council, and the Hettinger Chamber.

After quite a bit of discussion, the decision was made to go forth with the revitalization in October 2016.

McKenna Poss, a senior at Hettinger High School, used the web development tool Wix.com to build the site. Poss is the student member on the Hettinger Area Chamber of Commerce board, and has frequently used Wix.com in her schooling, Friesz said.

Poss said she used the program in her Entrepreneurial class and said it is pretty user friendly. During one of the board meetings they were discussing the plan to revamp the website, and Poss offered up the Wix.com option, so they gave her a shot. Poss designed a sample template and the board gave their approval.

She wasn’t sure how long it took her, but said it was quite awhile. She then worked side by side with Friesz and taught her how to edit the content. She said through that process she thought they both learned more about Wix.com.

The difference is seen immediately when you logon to the new page. Along with a brightened home page, the whole site features robust menus that bring the user to a plethora of information on the community.

One of the more enhanced features is the page listing all of the Hettinger Area Chamber businesses. Broken down by category, the page offers viewers contact information and links to the business’s web page, when applicable. The page is dedicated to chamber businesses only.

“If people haven’t paid they’ll be deleted,” Friesz said. “And when they do pay, they’ll be added.”

Managing the website will be much more efficient too. Before, if changes needed to be made, the hosting company would have to be contacted and given instructions, which cost time and sometimes money.

Now, Friesz herself, who will manage it, can simply make the changes from there desk.

The website still needs adjusting, and Friesz hopes to get more photos from the area as they progress in development. But for now, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for the page, they can simply email hettignerchamber@ndsupernet.com.