Dr. Marco Davinic speaks to agriculture students

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, the Agriculture Department had the privilege of having Dr. Marco Davinic share his experiences in the Agronomy field.

Dr. Davinic is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural, Technology and Natural Resources from Bismarck State College.   Junior High and High School students were encouraged to take in Dr. Davinic’s presentation on Agronomy.  He shared his extraordinary journey on how he got to where his is today.  Dr. Davinic is from Serbia, Europe.  He has been in the United States 18 years, which is half his life.  By the time he was 33, he had two master degrees and a doctorate degree.  His research was extensive with, pathogen bacteria, fungus, Alzheimer’s, extracting DNA from soil and much more.   He even had experience working with the NASA program. Dr. Davinic discussed the direction in which agronomy is heading with Precision Ag (use less to do more).  Students heard about drone technology and remote sensor technology to improve our fields and soils.

Dr. Davinic stressed the importance of management practices and how it is important in almost any area of interest.  Knowing about Ag Business or Applied Business is a huge benefit in today’s world.  Students got engaged with the discussion on how agriculture is different than many other occupations.  To have an understanding and ability to adapt to the unpredictability within this field is a huge benefit to many companies and jobs.  Weather, prices, disease, and markets are some of the unpredictable components that those in the agriculture field may face on a daily basis.  Agriculture may be challenging at times but there are also many rewards.