KNDC Welcomes New Voice

KNDC’s listening audience will soon be entertained by the voice of a new radio personality. Somer Nagel—formerly of AgPro Equipment—started at the radio station last week on Tuesday, May 2, and is just getting acclimated to her new position, and a new industry.

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

Nagel, who has worked primarily in accounting for the past several years, said she was looking for something different, and something maybe more flexible as her children become increasingly more involved in activities.

The Bozeman, Mont. native and Hettinger High School grad said she initially went to school for massage therapy in Sioux Falls, S.D., but had been working with numbers since then.

Station Manager Nolan Dix said she was the best candidate, and has full confidence in her ability to successfully execute the duties of the job, and excel in her new role.

Uttering those first words on the air may be a nervous moment for some, but for Nagel, she said she’t not concerned.

“[The on air] part I’m not super worried about,” she said.

What she is worried about? The computer side of things, like setting up the programming schedule. But with some more time, the comfort level will increase.

Another facet to the job, which she said she’s ready for, is sales. She was scheduled to begin sales training during her second week, and in no time should be out there meeting and greeting the community as a face of the station. She is really motivated to drive up the sales of the station, and that might include expanding the sales area.

As she starts her new career as a radio personality she said she’s received positive support.

“I think people are excited,” she said.

Nagel knows KNDC has a large audience, and that people care about the voice on their radio.

“Should I be drinking lemon tea? Just in case I sound funny,” she said laughing.

Along with hoping to do the seven o’clock morning portion of the daily radio program, you’ll here her voice throughout the day. When she gets heavier into the sales side she’ll be cutting her own ads. And it’s that familiar voice and listeners like to hear, on the radio or in their ads.

“Consistency is huge,” she said.