Dems hear about Dakota Resource Council at Hettinger D39 meeting

The Adams County Democratic Party—District 39—met a few weeks ago to discuss a variety of issues. Jeri Lynn Bakken gave a report on a recent meeting of the Dakota Resource Council with U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

At issue has been a North Dakota 1932 state law that banned non-family corporate farm ownership, reflecting the people’s desire to maintain family farms, healthy rural communities and sustainable agriculture prices.

Corporate funded lobbyists got the law overturned, but volunteers led by the Farmers Union got the issue placed on the June ballot. Seventy-six percent of the people voted to maintain family farms. An effort by the Farm Bureau to contest the vote in court, has been put off until after 2019.

The law pertaining to COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) has been repealed. Food processors in the United States can now buy their beef from Canada and Mexico. American cattlemen stand to loose $20 million because consumers are not informed about where their meat comes from. According to Heitkamp, since the law was repealed, the process of reenacting a law has to start at the beginning.