Dickinson State to discontinue baseball and golf in 2018-19 academic year

Dickinson State University announced Tuesday a decision to discontinue baseball and golf effective in the 2018-19 academic year. The sports will remain active during the 2017-18 seasons and will be discontinued in the fall of 2018.

The decision was made as part of larger university reductions. DSU must implement reductions of $4.9 million in the upcoming biennium which begins in July 2017. Cutbacks are being made across the campus community, with just under $400,000 coming from athletics.

“The mission of the institution is to ensure we give students the best possible education,” said DSU President, Dr. Thomas Mitzel. “We recognize that education spans across academics, athletics and programs – all of which were considered in the budget planning process.”

“It is important to balance the budget and the needs of our students. DSU must be a good steward of the trust placed in us by the city and the state,” said Mitzel. “In order to be financially sound we had to reduce programming and become more efficient in how we educate our students while maintaining the excellence in education found at DSU.”

DSU will allow student athletes in the affected programs to contact other schools and will grant their release if they decide to transfer. There is an opportunity for the sports to continue if they are able to raise their own external funding.