Neighboring News



Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made trips to Mott, New Leipzig and Elgin Tuesday.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to New England Wednesday morning.

Clarence Roth Jr. was a Thursday dinner guest of Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson.

Paula Greff took Tiss Johnson to Hettinger Friday afternoon. They called briefly on Tammy Treib.

Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson were Sunday evening visitors of Kelly and Melissa Friedt and family.

Lynn Frey was among those who attended the funeral service for Noel Mitchell in Lemmon Friday.

Tuesday and Saturday, Susan Gunn worked at the Thrift Shop in Lemmon.

Friday, Margaret and Bill Dickinson arrived back in the area to spend the summer.

Saturday, Mike Gunn had breakfast with his parents, Vince and Susan Gunn.

John Johnson spent the weekend in Aberdeen, where Sunday his horse, Looks Like Dad, won the SD Bred Claiming Stakes. 51/2 Furlongs at the Brown County Fairgrounds. Looks Like Dad is entered next week in the SD Governors Handicap.

Shirley Johnson accompanied Jodi and Lexi Johnson to Summerville Saturday evening for supper.

Shirley Johnson accompanied Jodi and Lexi Johnson to Worship services Sunday.

Tim and JoAnne Seim were among those who attended the funeral for Noel Mitchell in Lemmon Friday.

Horace Seim was a Sunday dinner guest of Tim and JoAnne Seim.

Monday Thelma Sandgren visited her brother Warren Van Wyk at the Hettinger hospital.

Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Lemmon Tuesday to keep an appointment. She then stopped and visited with Steve Sandgren and had breakfast with him.

Wednesday, Thelma kept an appointment in Bison.

Brady Ham had coffee with Thelma Sandgren Friday morning.

Friday, Thelma Sandgren went to Hettinger to play cards at the Senior Center.

Friday evening, Kylee Sandgren came home and James, Marci and Kylee brought chicken supper out to the ranch for Thelma and visited.

Joyce Mosley who was visiting in the area, visited with Thelma Sandgren Saturday afternoon.

James and Marci Sandgren were Sunday afternoon coffee guests of Thelma Sandgren.

Tuesday, Jim and Patsy Miller made a trip to Rapid City.

Wednesday, Jim and Patsy Miller attended Zabrina Miller’s music concert in Hettinger.

Thursday Patsy Miller made a trip to Bison.

Jim and Patsy Miller went out to supper in Lemmon Friday evening with Archie and Carol Goodrich.

Joyce Mosley of Aberdeen visited with Jim and Patsy Miller Saturday.

Sunday, Jim and Patsy Miller attended the wedding and reception of JLynn Miller and Sean Bear in Piedmont.

Tuesday Albert and Bridget Keller and family attended Lil Alberts spring concert in the evening.

Thursday, Ezra and Miles Wiechmann; Woody and Paige Marshall were dinner and supper guests of Albert and Bridget Keller and family.  They helped brand cattle that day. Duane Harris was a dinner guest.

Friday Albert Keller traveled to Ray ND.

Saturday Bridget Keller and the kids traveled to Patricia Kellers.  Albert arrived there that evening.   They all returned home Sunday night.


Jane Christman arrived at Art and Marilyn Christman’s Wednesday and spent through Monday.

Jim Christman of Montana and California is spending time with his parents, Art and Marilyn Christman

Jens Hanson was a Sunday afternoon visitor of Art and Marilyn Christman and their family, Jim and Jane.


Monday, Vern Klein took Hope to an appointment in Hettinger.

Tuesday Hope Klein visited with Violet Klein after work.

Wednesday, Jim Klein and Jade Schaff had their last day of school and Vern took them out to lunch to celebrate.

Thursday, Don Klein and Vern visited in the afternoon.

Saturday, on their way through Mobridge the Klein family were brief visitors of Tim and Roxanne Sauter.

Saturday, Vern Klein family traveled to Groton, SD for the High School graduation party for Keri Jo Pappas and the college graduation party of Shannon Pappas. The Klein’s then traveled to Aberdeen and spent the night. All of the Geist children were in attendance.

Sunday, the Vern Klein family went back to Groton and were lunch guests of Val and Kelly Pappas.  They went to graduation and then returned home to Lemmon.