KB Jewelers 40th anniversary party still going strong midway through year

Though the official day of their 40th anniversary was Jan. 1 this year, KB Jewelers wanted to take some time midway through their one-year celebration to offer up some thanks to the community that has supported them for four decades.

(TOP) Kent Brackel, co-owner of KB Jewelers, cooks hotdogs for his patrons to show appreciation for their support. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

By COLE BENZ | Record Editor

On June 2, just outside the front door of their jewelry and gift shop, co-owner Kent Brackel was grilling up some red hotdogs while his wife, and other co-owner, Kathleen, was inside serving their customers.

The weather was cooperating, it was sunny and hot, ideal weather for a barbecue. Hotdogs, chips and pop were up for grabs, and the community came out in droves to take part in the party.

Since the beginning of the year, the store has raffled off a $40 gift card for their store, in honor of the 40th milestone. They have also offered free ring cleaning throughout the celebration, which is something many people have taken advantage of, Kathleen said.

Kathleen Brackel (L) works the cash registers with Ceceilia Buckmier (R) during their celebration cookout on June 2 outside of their shop in Hettinger. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

But at the cookout, patrons could also register for some other door prizes.

The prizes, Kathleen said, were donated by some of their long-time vendors that also wanted to help honor the couples special year.

“We’re just overwhelmed,” she said.

Kathleen said their vendors donated over $1,700 worth of prizes.

Halfway through the 40th year, Kent said things have been going really well, and after all these years they haven’t stopped finding great things for their customers. They went to market in March and picked up some new merchandise, including the growing popular salt lamps.

“We try to pick up [and] find different products every year, and this year we picked up the salt lamps and picked up a really line of [beverages],” Kent said.

Kathleen also said she thought the festivities have been going well, and she noted that they had a really good turnout for their cook out as a thank you.

“We love our community and we thank our customers, and we celebrate our success,” she said.

“I can just only thank everyone that came and have supported Kent and I in the last 40 years, and we hope that can keep doing it as long as we can.”

Kent said they had purchased hundreds of hotdogs and midway through the cookout had served over 75 people.