Neighboring News

By Tiss Johnson


Saturday, Dean, Monte and Lynn Frey were among those who attended the funeral of Larry Foss in Lemmon.

Tuesday and Thursday Bridget Keller and kids went to Bison for T-ball.

Friday Albert and Bridget Keller and family camped at Shadehill Lake returning home Sunday afternoon.

Bridget Keller helped serve food Saturday at the Larry Foss memorial.

Shirley Johnson is a resident at the Five Counties Nursing home in Lemmon, John Johnson has spent every day visiting her.

Several prairie dog hunters from MN were guests of John Johnson this past week and were very successful.

Lexi Johnson has spent several days visiting her grandmother, Shirley Johnson at the nursing home in Lemmon.

Bob and Shilo Johnson returned to the ranch Sunday evening to visit with Shirley Johnson.

Bev Hoffman had lunch with Jeff and Jackie Van Vactor in Lemmon Friday.

Saturday, Bev Hoffman was among those who attended the memorial for Larry Foss in Lemmon.

JoAnne Seim was among those who helped serve the Larry Foss memorial in Lemmon Saturday.

Margaret Dickinson and Susan Gunn traveled to Rapid City Sunday for the farewell reception for Father John Lule who is returning to Uganda after serving our diocese for ten years.

Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Hettinger Wednesday.

Jim and Patsy Miller, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller attended Eastern Star in Bison Wednesday evening.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards in Hettinger Friday.

Carla Jones and her children, Ava, Cora and Brice of Lincoln, NE came to visit Christi, Matt and Zabrina Miller. Friday evening, Carla, Ava, Cora and Brice Jones; Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller; Jim and Patsy Miller went out for supper in Hettinger.

Saturday, Jim and Patsy Miller were among those who attended the Larry Foss Memorial in Lemmon.

Sunday, Jim and Patsy Miller attended the Widows and Orphans picnic in Bison, put on by the Mason’s.

Sunday afternoon and evening, Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller, Carla Jones, Ava, Cora and Brice Jones were supper guests of Jim and Patsy Miller.

Monday, J C Woodward stopped and had coffee with Thelma Sandgren.

Tuesday, Steve Sandgren stopped at the ranch on his way back to Lemmon after a trip to Bison.

Vince Gunn visited with Thelma Sandgren Wednesday afternoon.

Brady Ham stopped in visited with Thelma Sandgren Saturday.

Wednesday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to Lemmon and visited with Shirley Johnson at the Five Counties Nursing home.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning picked up Lexi Johnson in Lemmon Wednesday afternoon and took her home. They then visited with Gary and Jodi Johnson. They left Trix with Lexi so she could puppy sit for the rest of the weekend.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning spent Wednesday overnight at the south ranch and traveled to Rapid City Thursday for an appointment.

Thursday evening, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to Deadwood. Friday, they joined other members of a group, including friends, Lois Tveter of New Town, ND; Randi and Kick Alexander of TX for the Wild Deadwood Reads Author/Reader convention. Friday noon, they boarded a bus and traveled to Hill City and boarded the 1880’s train for a ride through the hills. They got off the train in Keystone and back on the bus back to Deadwood. In the evening, they attended the PBR Bull riding event and visited briefly with Lori Armstrong of Rapid City. Saturday, Tiss had a booth outside the book signing and in the evening, she attended a Ghost tour of the Bullock Hotel. Tiss also visited with Sheila Whitney of Rapid City. Sunday morning, after a mystery breakfast, Tiss and Morell headed north.

Sunday noon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning visited with Jodi and Lexi Johnson. Teresa Seim and Megan Nehl were also visitors. Tiss and Morell picked up Trix and then went to visit Shirley Johnson at the Five Counties Nursing home before returning to the north ranch.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were Sunday evening visitors of Clarence Jr. and Nola Roth.


Jim Christman left Saturday for his home in California.

Jane Christman of Colorado arrived Monday at Art and Marilyn Christman’s Monday to spend a few weeks.


Jeri Lynn and Mirandi Bakken traveled to Fon du Lac, WI Wednesday through Sunday for the graduation of Grant Petik.

Vern, Roni, Hope and James Klein and Jade Schaff were among those who attended the memorial for Larry Foss in Lemmon Saturday.