Visiting Vets

Dr. Elvira Fadeeva, Dr. Ekaterina Zimina, and Dr. Ethan Andress at West River Veterinarian Clinic. (Courtesy Photo)

Veterinarians Ekaterina Zimina from Saint Peters, Russia and Elvira Fadeeva from Vladimir, Russia.  They are both veterinarians. Zimina arrived in the United States on April 2, 2017 for a vacation. She secured a contract with a Russian company. That company will be working a commercial angus herd and opening a feedlot about 200 miles east of Russia.

Fadeeva arrived May 22 to visit American ranches and feedlots with Zimina.  Fadeeva was working with mostly dairy cows in Russia.  Both of them said they are not very familiar with bovine beef veterinary practices.

While here they hope to gain an understanding of mostly feedlot and herd management.  In addition, they hope to gain experience with handling beef cow herds and logistics.  They said the biggest difference the saw was that in Russia there are not many private practice veterinarians, that are self employed. Most Russian veterinarians work for one ranch or operation. They were surprised at how many operations and feedlots one veterinarian serves in our area. They added that traditions and cattle handling techniques are everywhere here.