Adams County holds full-scale hazmat drill (photos)

Adams County Emergency Management applied for, and was given, a FEMA grant through Homeland Security. With this grant, they were able to provide hazardous materials training to the fire crew, EMS, and law enforcement. Heartland Consulting Group put on the training that took place over two nights. The first night was an overview of basic decontamination both at the hospital and the Granary. The second night was a full-scale exercise. The crews were briefed about the situation and then the pagers went off and everything happened in real time. Volunteers acted as victims and were in full make-up to be realistic. CHS Southwest Grain played a major role in the full-scale exercise. They donated the use of full and empty chemical totes and the use of a semi to simulate the crash. During the exercise, Heartland Consultants evaluated the different crews and a full written report will be return to Adams County Emergency Management. This report can be used for future trainings or to help get different grants to fill the needs in each department.

Volunteers were commended because they donated their time two nights in a row and CHS Southwest Grain because the exercise would not have been possible without their donated resources.