Hats Off!

Hats off to the people in Hettinger that have helped keep our streets an inviting sight with the beautiful floral baskets, main street parks, and the trees on the sidewalks. The Beauty of Hettinger sends out letters to nearly all of the residents in Hettinger in the early spring, encouraging then to help out with these projects. Kerri Howard, the conductor of the project, says the people give generously to help out. Kerri has a schedule and call-up reminder to 20 different people for watering. She said there is a total of 40 baskets that take a gallon of water a day, depending on the temperature, winds, and if any rain has fallen. The baskets get a light dose of miracle grow each week also. Kent and Earleen Friez also care for all the flags on Main Street. Earleen stitches around each flag and Kent replaces all torn and tattered ones. Thank you to all the volunteers. I know a lot of time and effort go into this, and when people come to Hettinger, it shows them we are a town that cares. All volunteers are special people.

Kathleen Brackel