Neighboring News


John Johnson made a trip to Mobridge Tuesday to pick up a horse and visit with Tom Anderberg.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to New Leipzig and Elgin Monday morning.

Tiss Johnson
Guest Columnist

Ray Greff called on Morell Hirning and Tiss Johnson Tuesday morning.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Lemmon Thursday.

Morell Hirning surprised Tiss Johnson on her birthday Friday with Flowers and a party at Summerville.  Those who joined them for supper included Jim and Patsy Miller; Gary, Jodi and Lexi Johnson, Vern and Roni Klein.

Saturday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Mott before heading to Senntinal Butte for the Champions Ride Rodeo. They then had supper at Buffalo Gap and dessert in Medora before taking a spin around the Wildlife Loop and returned home in the evening.

Sunday late afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning joined Rod and Kenny Haberstroh for supper at the home Kelly, Melissa and Karagan Friedt.

Wednesday, Albert Keller traveled to Williston to pick up Alexsis Keller from the train. She is spending several weeks with the family.

Friday, Bridget and Alexsis Keller and Paige Marshall spent the day in Bison.

Saturday, Albert Keller and the boys spent the day in Timber Lake with Pat Keller.

Thursday, Monte and Dean Frey helped Lynn Frey sort cattle.

Thursday, Vince Gunn travleded to Bison and judged 4H exhibits at the Perkins County Fair.

Susan Gunn and Margaret Dickinson traveled to Rapid City Thursday to pick up a friend of Margaret, who flew in from California to spend some time in SD.

Susan Gunn, Margaret Dickinson and her friend worked at the Thrift Shop in Lemmon Saturday.

Lexi Johnson visited her grandmother, Shirley Johnson several days this week.

Lexi Johnson and Morgan Minor traveled to Dickinson to compete in a Barrel Racing Jackpot.

Jodi and Lexi Johnson spent Sunday at the Playday in Lemmon.

John and Shirley Johnson were Sunday afternoon coffee and cake guests of Les Wieland and Charlotte Kubik.

Monday, Brady Ham visited with Thelma Sandgren.

Tuesday, Jim and Patsy Miller visited with Thelma Sandgren.

Thursday, Thelma Sandgren made a trip to Bison then returned to the ranch.  In the evening, Bill Dickinson picked Thelma up and took her to Lodgepole for the Ice Cream Social.

Sunday morning, Ken Krisle picked Thelma Sandgren up and they went to Bison for breakfast at the fair building, they attended the community worship service, rested for a bit and attended the rodeo in the afternoon.

Jim and Patsy Miller made a trip to Bison Monday.

Jim and Patsy Miller made a trip to Lemmon Tuesday.

Archie Goodrich of Lemmon and his grandson Caleb Hausauer of Ozark, MO were Thursday dinner and afternoon guests of Jim and Patsy Miller.

Jim and Patsy Miller played pinochle in Hettinger Friday.

Christi, Patsy and Zabrina Miller traveled to Bismarck Saturday.

Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller spent Sunday with Jim and Patsy Miller.


Gary Christman returned to Texas this week, after spending time with his father, Art Christman.


August 1st was Vernon Klein’s 68th birthday. The Klein family traveled to Dickinson and picked up Anthony Schaff. They then traveled to Medora where they spent the day and attended the Musical. Afterwards they traveled back to Dickinson and were overnight guests of Anthony.

Wednesday morning, Anthony Schaff made breakfast for the family. They then did some shopping and Anthony again made them lunch. Vern, Roni, Hope, James and Jade then returned home.

Thursday, Hope and Vern Klein went out to lunch in Lemmon.

Friday, Vern and Roni Klein were among those who attended the surprise birthday party and supper for Tiss Johnson at Summerville.

Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning were Friday evening guests of Vern and Roni Klein and family.

Hope Klein spent Sunday with Grandma Violet Klein. Vern took Hope to town and they got a sub sandwich.  Hope and Grandma enjoyed the sandwich for dinner.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.