SENIOR PROFILE: Taylor Hestekin

Taylor Hestekin participated in basketball and track while in high school.  Her biggest accomplishments as a player were making it to the semi finals in basketball, placing all four years of high school in track and growing as a player and teammate.

For The Record

She prepared herself by playing the hardest for her team, training and making sure to keep her grades up.

Her awards and achievements were receiving the hustle award in basketball, being part of the team that placed third in the region for basketball, earning the honor of making the All- Academic basketball team, being named the senior region athlete in track and field, placing 13 times in state track, and named most valuable tester in Science Olympiad and best actress in the junior class play.

She stated; “My biggest inspirations are my parents, teammates and coaches. My parents always supported me in whatever I did. They woke me up and made me breakfast in the early morning hours before track meets, congratulated me on the wins and consoled me on the losses. My coaches and teammates inspired me by always pushing me to be the best I could be and by showing up and working hard at every practice.”

The best advice she was given is to just go out and have fun. Before games or meets the coaches always told us to just go out and have fun and to not worry about the outcome. Winning is great, but if you’re not having fun while you do it, it is not worth doing.

She commented on a couple of her funniest moments; “When Molly Holt and I skipped our track warm-up and Coach Pierce tried lecturing us but could not because we were laughing so hard.  Or getting to hear Quinn Mellmer and Callie Anderson scream during particularly cold ice baths.”

Her biggest disappointment was losing in the region semi-finals by a buzzer beater in basketball.

She plans on attending University of Mary to major in Biology with a focus on pre-veterinary medicine and a minor in Chemistry.  She will also be continuing her track career as a Marauder.

Taylor added; “I would like to thank the community for coming to games and meets to support us and cheer us on. It really does mean the world to us and we highly appreciate it. Thank you guys!

I would like to add that Taylor always gave her best on and off the playing field and was a joy to watch in her sports.  My wife and I occasionally sat by Taylor’s grandparents, James and Ardis, during basketball games.  We had great conversations and I hope they continue to attend.