Western Horizon Care Center welcomes community to show off new landscaping for residents

While Western Horizons Care Center works towards correcting institutional deficiencies, the facility was able to show off a new bright spot to the community.

Record Editor

Thanks to the donation of time and money from the Beauty of Hettinger and the Jaycees, the northwest corner of the exterior of the care center received some new landscape work for the residents to enjoy.

The administration invited multiple groups of people to a watermelon feed, and to give everyone a glimpse of the improved outside area. Groups included the board of directors from all three entities under the umbrella of West River Health Services, employees of the hospital and care center, and the families of the residents of the care center.

“It was a fantastic turnout,” said West River Health Services CEO Shahan. “In light of everything that’s gone on lately, it was really nice to see resident family members come out and spend some time with us, and their loved ones in the facility.”

The new area features newly laid concrete sidewalks by Mike Marion, and features a flower garden in the center of the landscape.

“They redid almost the whole area,” Shahan said. “It’s a nice square outdoor enclosed area so our residents can be outside and still be in a protected area.”

About 100 people filtered in and out of the event that was initially scheduled for two and a half hours. Though people socialized for more than three hours.

The watermelon was supplied by local grocer Kennedy’s Fresh Foods, and it was prepped by employees of the facility.

Shahan said the event was great, and that it was nice to come out and show off something positive from the facility.