Eco Ed comes to Hettinger

A group of students wearing waders to investigate Mirror Lake. This was one of the work stations that was a part of the Eco Ed program that comes to the area every other year. (Courtesy Photo)

Hettinger fifth and sixth grade students learned about the eco system through Eco Ed. The event is held every other year.

Eco Ed creates opportunities for students to take ownership of environmental issues in their own communities and gives them the experience that allows them to feel empowered to help resolve environmental issues now and in the future.

Eco Ed is an outdoor classroom that rotates through sessions learning about soils, prairies/range, woodlands, wetlands/wildlife, and water. At the end of the day students are able to recognize how all these components work together for a healthy eco-system.

This year we had a special presenter from Prairie Waters from Valley City State University where the students put on waders and go into the water at Mirror Lake and do bug collection and identification.

At the end of the day each students receives a t-shirt that has been sponsored by local businesses.

The district would like to thank the students, teachers, facilitators, chaperones, bus driver, and the sponsors of the t-shirt for another successful Eco Ed.

PHOTO—Hettinger fifth and sixth grade students took in the nice day and were educated on different aspects of the environment through the Eco Ed program. The program is offered every other year and takes place at Mirror Lake Park in Hettinger. (Courtesy Photo)