Highway 22 road project in early planning stages

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Brosz Engineering are in the early planning stages of a street overlay project that is proposed to stretch from the junction at Highway 12 and Highway 22 in Adams County, up Highway 22 through the city of New England. The length of the project is roughly 32 miles.

Record Editor

A public meeting, which was sparsely attended, was held in New England at the Memorial Hall to gather public input.

The proposed project is set to address multiple issues, including narrow roadways and lack of shoulders, distressed or damaged pavement, the addition of possible turning lanes and intersection lighting.

Project manager Gary Brennan, with Brosz Engineering, said a big part of the project is going to be overlay, milling the surface and replacing it with better material.

“What the project improvements are planned for right now is to go in and mill off of the existing surfacing, and improve the quality,” Brennan said.

The milling will be about 1 inch deep in the existing asphalt pavement, and it will be recycled into the new asphalt. That will go to overlaying the existing roadway while extending culverts, reconstructing approaches and driveways and improve guardrails.

Some proposed intersection improvements include adding an eastbound left turn lane on Highway 12 at the intersection of the Highway 12 and Highway 22, consideration to installing street lighting at the intersection of Highway 12 and Elevator Road, adding a northbound left turn lane on the intersection of Highway 22 and 12th street closer to New England.

In a phone conversation Brennan said that at this is a very early stage of the process, and right now they’re just trying to gather comments from the public.

“Right now this is just the kind of the public input stage, where we’re trying to get information or comments from the public about the project,” he said.

Brosz and the NDDOT still need to go through much of the process, including environmental studies, before they can begin to start the bidding process. According to the presentation given to at the public meeting, January 2018 was the time listed for environmental clearance. Brennan said in a phone interview that they are looking at beginning the bidding process tentatively in November 2018 with a start date of summer of 2019. But he cautioned on even that timeline, because project bid in November are consider in flux, and typically some of the last projects bid out at the end of the year when budgets are running out. But did say that the summer of 2019 is still the tentative plan.

“Right now it’s still planned for summer of 2019 construction,” Brennan said.

According to the presentation, the plan to maintain traffic flow via flagger and pilot car operation with minor delays. No detours are anticipated.