Hettinger Fire Department Building New Addition

Editor’s Note: Oct. 8 – Oct. 14 is National Fire Prevention Week. Help honor the week by thanking a volunteer fire fighter you know who puts up their own time to keep the region safe. The Adams County Record would like to extend a hearty thank you to those who give their time to protecting the region.

Record Editor

The Hettinger Fire Department is getting an addition to their facility. The first since the 90s, fire chief Steve Turner said that they are expanding their building to have more room to operate. Though all of their vehicles would fit inside the building before the addition, Turner said that it left little room to move around.

“They were just crammed inside,” Turner said.

Turner, who has been with the department since 1999, said they hadn’t made any improvements to the facility since he’s been around. Though he was just speculating, he told the Record that the latest addition might have occurred in 1991.

The department is raising funds for the latest update, but that it is an ongoing process.

“It’s just something [we’re doing] through donations, or whatever,” Turner said. “We’ll do what ever we’ve got to do.”

The project is underway and a final timeline has yet to be determined.

•Hettinger Fire Department

The Hettinger Fire Department currently has 25 members, a number dictated by their bylaws. Turner said that interested people can contact any member of the department and fill out an application. When a member retires, or a spot opens up, the department will consider the applicants.

Training is a part of the job. Turner said that members, new and old, are required to continue their fire-fighting education to stay with the department. The department offers many opportunities in-house to learn about the job, but many opt to travel to other locations to earn their continuing education.

•How You Can Protect Against Fire

Turner said a big thing for people to do is make sure they check their smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Safety and prevention with detectors and extinguishers is key. Turner told the Record that if you have questions, you can inquire about your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers with any member of the Hettinger Fire Department. You can even schedule at time for them to come and inspect your living environment, for added comfort of safety.

According to www.Travelers.com, faulty wiring, carelessness in the kitchen, clothes dryers, and alternative heating sources are some of the top causes of home fires. Be sure to double check these situations in your home to prevent a fire.