Learn a new skill with a book from the Adams County Library

There are many books at the Adams County Library that can teach you new skills, like baking cakes. (Courtesy Photo)

Youtube is great, a person can find out how to do so much from the videos provided.  Books, can also be a great source of information.  Gardening books and cookbooks are a few of the most popular non-fiction book classifications.  Both gardening books and cookbooks also have beautiful photographs which tell you what the perfect dish or garden should look like.  At the Adams County Library, we have a great selection of both.  We also specialize in more local nonfiction titles.  Books such as:  Prairie Lands Gardener’s Guide, From Our Family to Yours: Favorite Recipes from West River Health Services, Gate City Cookbook, Native Harvests and Botanicals of the American Indian, and Homemade with Honey.

Many of our patrons enjoy checking out materials from our non-fiction selection and I have joked for many years that if a patron checks out a book about baking they need to make sure and let the Library have a sample.  After all these years one of our patrons, Holly, brought us in this beautiful cake.  And it tastes even better than it looks!  Stop in and check out a book and see what you can learn.