Lemmon Jr. Livestock Show Results: Adams Co. 4-H Members

Adams County 4-H members who participated in the Lemmon Jr. Livestock Show.
(Photo Courtesy of Adams County 4-H)

Lemmon Jr. Livestock Show Results of the Adams County 4-H Members that was held on September 9, 2017


Breeding Gilt

Oscar Laufer -Grand Champion

Tate Nash- Blue Ribbon

Tom Buckmier- Blue Ribbon

Market Hog

Sophia Kennedy- Reserve Champion

Tatum Fitch- Purple Ribbon

Oscar Laufer-Purple Champion

Tom Buckmier- Blue Ribbon

Bowden Hasbrouck- Blue Ribbon

Rebecca Knutson- Blue Ribbon

Kaden Schauer- Blue Ribbon

Kelly Schauer- Blue Ribbon

Tate Nash- Blue Ribbon

Dylan Nash- Blue Ribbon

Kayla Schauer- Blue Ribbon

Kaitlyn Schauer-Blue Ribbon


Ram Lamb

Tate Nash –Blue Ribbon

Yearling Ram

Tate Nash –Grand Champion

Ewe Lamb

Tatum Fitch- Reserve Champion

Yearling Ewe

Rebecca Knutson- Reserve Champion

Market Lamb

Kaitlyn Schauer- Reserve Champion

Kelly Schauer- Purple Ribbon

Tatum Fitch- Purple Ribbon

Tate Nash- Blue Ribbon

Lauren Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Dylan Nash-Blue Ribbon

Kayla Schauer- Blue Ribbon

Mitchell Dalley- Blue Ribbon

Julia Dalley- Blue Ribbon

Beth Lien-Blue Ribbon

Gavin Dalley- Blue Ribbon

Kaden Schauer-Blue Ribbon

Madison Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Aubrey Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Sam Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Tom Buckmier-Blue Ribbon

Trevor Dalley-Blue Ribbon

Kyan Stadheim-Blue Ribbon

Kinley Stadheim- Red Ribbon

Lathan Holzer- Red Ribbon


Market Steers

Rachel Larson- Reserve Ribbon

Madison Weishaar -Purple Ribbon

Elijah Larson- Purple Ribbon

Sam Weishaar- Purple Ribbon

Drew Hetzel- Blue Ribbon

Lauren Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Nora Larson-Blue Ribbon

Aubrey Weishaar- Blue Ribbon

Jacob Hetzel -Red Ribbon

Sarah Hetzel- Red Ribbon

Breeding Heifer Calves

Cassie Kindsfater-Blue Ribbon

Feeder Calves (steers or heifers)

Kestrel Damjanovich- Blue Ribbon


Market Meat Goats

Casey Kindsfater- Purple Ribbon

Gavin Dalley -Purple Ribbon

Mitchell Dalley-Purple Ribbon

Kaden Schauer -Purple Ribbon

Samantha Knutson –Purple Ribbon

Rebecca Knutson -Purple Ribbon

Tatum Fitch- Purple Ribbon

Trevor Dalley-Blue Ribbon

Cassie Kindsfater-Blue Ribbon

Kelly Schauer -Blue Ribbon

Kaitlyn Schauer -Blue Ribbon

Oscar Laufer- Blue Ribbon

Julia Dalley- Blue Ribbon

Beth Lien –Blue Ribbon

Junior Breeding Doe- Meat Goat

Dru Dschaak- Blue Ribbon

Tatum Fitch -Blue Ribbon

Riley Hasbrouck -Blue Ribbon

Cassie Kindsfater- Blue Ribbon

Yearling Breeding Doe- Meat Goat

Joclyn Wolff- Blue Ribbon

Senior Breeding Doe Meat Goat

Beth Lien-Blue Ribbon

Senior Doe-Dairy Goat

Kinley Stadheim- Purple Ribbon and Reserve Champion Dairy Goat


Sophia Kennedy- Reserve Champion Beginner Swine Showmanship

Dru Dschaak- Reserve Champion Beginner Goat Showmanship

Oscar Laufer- Grand Champion Junior Swine Showmanship

Kaitlyn Schauer- Reserve Champion Junior Goat Showmanship

Kaitlyn Schauer- Reserve Champion Junior Sheep Showmanship

Tatum Fitch- Reserve Champion Senior Sheep Showmanship

E.C. Gustafson Memorial Scholarship: Aubrey Weishaar ($500)

Oscar Laufer- Animal Costume Contest-Most Humorous

Nora Larson- Animal Costume Contest-Most Creative

Eli Larson-Best of Show Static Project Cash Prize of $50- Lamp made from junk

Static Exhibits

Drew Hetzel-1-Purple Ribbon

Eli Larson-1–Purple Ribbon

Gavin Dalley-1-Blue Ribbon

Joe Larson-1-Purple Ribbon

Julia Dalley-1 Purple Ribbon

Julia Dalley- 4-Blue Ribbons

Kaitlyn Schauer-1 Purple Ribbon

Kayla Schauer-3 Blue Ribbons

Kelly Schauer- 1 Blue Ribbon

Kestrel Damjanovich-5 Purple Ribbons

Kestrel Damjanovich-1 Blue Ribbon

Kinley Stadheim-3 Blue Ribbons

Kinley Stadheim- 1 Red Ribbon

Kyan Stadheim-1 Purple Ribbon

Lathan Holzer- 1 Purple Ribbon

Mitchell Dalley-1 Purple Ribbon

Mitchell Dalley- 2 Blue Ribbons

Nora Larson- 1 Purple Ribbon

Oscar Laufer-1 Purple Ribbon

Oscar Laufer-2 Blue Ribbons

Oscar Laufer- 1-Red Ribbon

Rachel Larson-1-Blue Ribbon

Sarah Hetzel- 1-Purple Ribbon

Trevor Dalley-1 Purple Ribbon

Trevor Dalley-3 Blue Ribbons