October FACS Highlights

Students cooking food with FAC II class. (Photo Courtesy of FACS II)

Pickled beans! Sauerkraut! Salsa! The Family and Consumer Sciences II class started off this school year with a bang. After a week of Mrs. Schauer’s boring lectures on values and the history of canning, our class (all two of us) finally got to get hands-on.
First, we went to the NDSU research plots and picked green beans for canning. The dilled green beans were a hit. After that, we learned how to not cut our flanges off, while also learning proper and detailed knife skills. We did this by practicing on green peppers, onions, tomatoes, green beans, jalapeños, and cabbage. This was fun, until she mentioned the idea of sauerkraut. With the combination of smelling like dirty socks and tasting like moldy cabbage (Oh wait, it is), it was quite an experience. Mrs. Schauer tried to convince us it was healthy and full of probiotics. We, however, still don’t believe it’s even edible. Despite this, there were several people who did enjoy the German treat. We still have no idea what planet they’re from.
After sauerkraut mercifully came to an end, we began making salsa. First with a package of spices, next we began to make the concoction of all natural salsa. The Jelly Showdown will be next on our bucket list.
Stay tuned on the jiggles of the jelly and the outcome of the Chop Competition.