Seventh Grade FACS learns to sew

The Seventh grade FACs class showing off their sewing projects. (Courtesy Photo)

For the past two weeks, the seventh grade Family and Consumer Science Class has been learning how to hand sew. They were given an animal kit of their choice. They were first to read all the directions to get an idea of how each step was to be done. Students were graded on everything from cutting the pattern evenly to neatly attaching the pieces. Most were very pleased with their finished product. The last couple of days were spend practicing sewing on buttons. Instead of tossing a button up shirt in the corner when the button falls off, this class now knows how to replace that ornery button.
Before the end of the semester they will be refreshing their memory on addressing and writing a letter and counting back change. They will also learn to balance a checkbook. In addition to these skills, they will measure the amount of sugar in their favorite drink, learning to do laundry and grocery shopping. Their final project will be sewing their own pillowcase using the sewing machine. They will learn all the parts of the sewing machine and the safety that goes along with sewing. In the end, they will end up with a great project that they will have for Christmas.