Sophomores and Juniors tour manufacturing companies

Students toured four different manufacturing companies..
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On Sept. 27, 2017 the sophomores and juniors of the Hettinger High School attended a manufacturing tour of four different companies in Dickinson. The morning was spent at Baker Boy, learning how they make and produce all of their products.

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Baker Boy produces over 300 different products, utilizing seven different production lines and employs over 200 workers. Before going into the bakery all students had to dress appropriately, which meant all students had to wear aprons, hair nets and a hard hat. This was to help with sanitation an safety. Ending this tour was free donuts from the company and a picture in front of the building.
Our next stop was Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing. Since this was a highly secure business, we were not allowed to take pictures. We were also split into three groups for better convenience which helped us get more information since it was a smaller group. KMM’s main focus is assembling wire harnesses for the Boeing 737 Commercial airplanes. Students saw the robot that measures and cuts much of the wire that is used for the harnesses. Technology is used to advance products and accuracy. With the recently purchased $750,000 wire loom/laser printer, labor is more efficient in that area of the business.
Steffes Manufacturing was our third tour of the day. Before we went in to see what they build, we had to get earplugs because of the noise produced while making the products. We all use electricity, Steffes helps in lowering our bill by building sub components that get assembled into furnaces that use energy on off-peak time. In additions to these furnaces, students watched as Bobcat cabs and other metal parts were welded and bent to the precise angle. Students walked through the paint booth, welding areas, and assembly areas. The tour ended with the students also getting to see a machine that welded components of the Bobcats.
Our final stop for the day was TMI. Our students received a cram course on job interviewing and behavior from the CEO of the company. Applying for jobs are right around the corner for many of these students. Simple tips were given: ‘Use eye contact,’ ‘Be Attentive,’ ‘Dress to impress,’ ‘Shake hands and introduce yourself with confidence,’ ‘Look in the parking lot to see how this job pays,’ ‘Don’t expect the job is yours,’ to name a few.
After this lesson, students then saw the many steps in cabinet building. Students walked through the company and saw machines doing much of the work, from cutting to laminating, and edge banding to dowel insertion. Employees do the final construction and inspection of each component. Customized products were created and assembled in another location. Students were impressed with how clean and efficiency it was, and how wonderful every employer that worked there was to every student.
Overall, all of the students learned something, and had fun doing it. The places they were taken to were enjoyed by all students and teachers that attended the trip. We hope that next year will be just as exciting and fun for the students and teachers as well.