Preparation for Play

The Killdeer Public School playground is now updated with new equipment.

Killdeer Public School updates playground

If you’ve driven by Killdeer Public School, you’ve noticed the playground on the east side of the building. They are in the process of updating the school’s playground equipment. Extensive planning has gone into the preparation and research of the most efficient playground that would fit the needs of the children in the district. It has been over 30 years since any upgrades have been completed.

By: Nicole Nowtzki

The school playground provides entertainment, exercise, and education for approximately 280 children each day. They are reaching out to the community in hopes of raising $200,000 to help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for Killdeer Public School children.

While speaking to a few students about the new design, they all seemed extremely excited. One junior high school student mentioned that she thinks it looks amazing, and she wishes she was in elementary school again. Another young man stated, “It’s going to be pretty sweet because the equipment now is worn out and outdated.” A preschool student excitedly asked if the picture was real, and wanted to know if he will be able to play on it tomorrow. Lastly, a second grader said that it was really cool, thought the school colors (orange and black) were perfect, and she couldn’t wait to play on it.

Ultimately, a recognition board will be constructed with the names of all generous donors. If you are interested in donating, please contact the school directly.


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