Right Here At Home!

How far are you willing to drive for service, after the sale? What if your product needs to be repaired or even replaced? How far are you willing to go out of your way to resolve the issue? Worst case scenario, what if you had to take time away from work as well, just to get your product taken care of?

When you think about the cost of the gas, cost of time away from work,

and the inconvenience altogether, is it worth it?

If you purchased your product, right here at home, your service would be conveniently located just a few streets away! Many businesses offer the benefit of pick-up and delivery as well. What a difference it is when you think about all the costs and time associated with having to drive out of town, compared to just having it taken care of while you’re at work.

“After-the-sale” service is something to consider as another benefit of shopping local. Many products require continued service after the sale, and being able to have it done locally is such a convenience. Out-of-town and internet purchases aren’t going to provide this benefit to you.

Small businesses know the value of keeping your business in town and coming back. They will go the extra mile to bring in a product, resolve any issues, or even have the coffee on to keep your business coming back. What a privilege it is to have the diverse variety of businesses right here in town,

all willing to go the extra mile for you! Right here at home!