Sheep and Goat [SAE]

Every spring I purchase lambs (Sheep) and kids (Goats) from neighboring ranchers. I spend countless hours walking them around my yard and setting their feet. I first have to get them used to being up close to people and make sure they are comfortable with being handled. Once they are used to my handling, I teach them who is in charge and that they can’t walk where or how they want to, they have to follow me. This effort is put in so hopefully I can win showmanship division at the Adams County Fair in August. Over the six years I’ve been a part of this program, I have owned four goats and eight sheep. I have earned multiple ribbons ranging from green to purples and even plaques. In the fall, I sell them off at the Lemmon Jr. Livestock Show and hope to earn a profit to help pay for my upcoming purchase of livestock the following spring. This is my SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Project. Mrs. Schauer, my Agricultural Education Advisor, helps guide me in my project.


SAE Project