Adams County soil conservation district announces 2017 achievement winners

District gives out three awards at event in Hettinger

The Beer Family with Adams County Soil Conservation Achievement Award.


Fred and Karen

Ryan & Jackie & Quirt

The Beers are the 2017 Adams County Soil Conservation Achievement Winners. The Beer ranch is located eight miles northeast of Lemmon SD in Orange Township ND.

The Beers do no-till farming and grow cover crops. They implement a twice through grazing system for their cattle and have pipeline water. When weather conditions permit, the cattle are fed during the winter months in the pasture. They also calve at a later date so the calves are born on green grass. To help the Beers make informed decisions regarding livestock nutritional management and supplement feed programs they collect manure samples to be evaluated in the NutBal system. (Nutritional Balancer).

For the benefit of wildlife, they have three shelterbelts. Beers have installed escape ramps in their water tanks and cut their hay in a back and forth method.

Future plans are to add additional pipelines, install cross fencing, intensify grazing rotation and plant another shelterbelt.

Fred and Karen are the parents of three children and have twelve grandchildren.

Jamie Emerson (far right), Chairman of the Board presents Cordell and Barb Koch with the Tree Care Award.

•2017 Tree Care Award Winner

Cordell and Barb Koch

Cordell and Barb Koch of rural Hettinger are our Tree Care Award winners for 2017. Cordell decided early on that he wanted a wildlife planting to enhance the area. His planting consists of 15 rows of various wildlife friendly species that will provide food and shelter. The Koch’s prepared their site meticulously and then went the extra mile putting down a dripline system to water the trees. They have kept their tree site clean and weed free .

Kathy Vliem (far left), Vice Chairman of the board presents Enerson Ranch the Soil Health Award.

•2017 Soil Health Award Winner

Enerson Ranch

The Enerson Ranch is the Soil Health Award winner for 2017. Jamie Enerson uses no-till equipment, soil tests, and uses cover crops to enhance his crop rotation. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Jamie was a participant in the Haney Soil Health Nutrient Tool Project. Soil samples were collected and sent directly to Dr. Haney’s lab in Texas for study to improve soil nutrient analysis in various cropping systems.