Community generates $1,085 for pumpkins in Return

Jarad Mattis selling meal tickets for the Close Up program at the KNDC Farm and Home Show.
(Photo Courtesy of KNDC Radio)

The Foundation at West River Health Services once again had 60 magnificent pumpkins available for our area community at the annual KNDC Farm & Home Show at the Hettinger Armory on Friday, Oct. 20. There were a number of businesses, organizations and families out for this year’s show – maybe the surprisingly warm weather had something to do with this?

WRHS Foundation

For a $10 or more gift to the West River Health Services Foundation, the public was welcome to select any of sixty pumpkins – most orange, some green; some big, some little and lots in between! If they made a $10 or more gift, they were also eligible for a drawing every hour for even more fantastic prizes – including pumpkin carving kits, lawn chairs and t-shirts.

Overall, the WRHS Foundation received 48 gifts totaling $1,085 on the day, with most of them earmarked for improvements to our Surgery Center. Jean & Bob Boxrud, Mike and Sandy Marion, Marilyn & Dan Drolc, and Sheri Uecker made the four largest gifts of the day – at $100 each! Thank you to everyone who we were able to visit with and especially to those who support our efforts via gifts to improve our top-notch healthcare “close to home.”

We also had two free drawings for our area communities’ kids. Quinn Schalesky won the Pie Face game and Eli Wolff won the monster mask bicycle helmet. Thank you to all of the kids who attended and entered the drawing. Happy Halloween!

Special thanks to Sheri Uecker for providing the pumpkins this year. Most area people’s pumpkin patches dried out this summer – good thing Sheri had water and cow fertilizer.  And thanks to KNDC’s Nolan Dix and Somer Nagel for hosting such a terrific gathering.

And last, but not least, thank you to the entire surrounding area. Without your continued support of our outstanding medical system, we wouldn’t be able to make the improvements we are – like our amazing new MRI Scanner or the improvements to our Care Center’s 44 resident rooms or the renovations to our Mott Clinic or the $46,704 you’ve given to our Partners in Health Club this past year to fund 26 separate projects throughout West River and Western Horizons. Plus, now $1,085 for pumpkins! Thank you. Onward!