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Monday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning moved cattle home and worked calves.  Those helping and who were dinner guests included: Gary and Aaron Friedt; Terry and Jason Friedt; Mike Greff and Clarence Roth Jr. They were joined by some hunter friends of Terry Friedts’ when they worked cattle in the afternoon.

Guest Columnist

Tiss Johnson spent Tuesday in Lemmon.  In the late afternoon she met up with Mandy Anderson and Ruth Wiechmann at the home of Jim and Patsy Miller.  Tiss visited briefly with her aunt Shirley Johnson and met Dee Strehlow in White Butte before heading back to the north ranch.

Thursday afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made a trip to Dickinson.

Friday afternoon, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning traveled to St. Anthony, ND where Tiss attended a Vendor Show.  Morell traveled on to Bismarck and attended a Bismarck Demon’s football game in which his Godson, Nolan Hintz participated.  They returned home that evening.

Al Treib and Jim Gilland helped Lynn and Dean Frey work cattle Thursday morning.

Friday, Al Treib and Jim Gilland helped Lynn and Dean Frey work cattle.

Lynn Frey met Marilyn Schwartzenberger at an antique Auction in Glen Ullin Saturday.

Lynn Frey attended the Gun show in Bowman Sunday afternoon.

Megan Baumeister was a weekend guest of Susan and Vince Gunn.

Susan Gunn volunteered at the Lemmon Thrift Shop Saturday.

John Johnson accompanied Bob and Shilo Johnson to Rapid City Tuesday.

Shirley Johnson accompanied Lexi Johnson to a Halloween Party at Rosebud Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon.

Jim and Patsy Miller spent Monday in Faith.

Jim and Patsy Miller made a trip to Lemmon Tuesday.

Jim and Patsy Miller played cards in Hettinger Friday afternoon.

Zabrina Miller spent Friday through Sunday with her grandparents, Jim and Patsy Miller.

Jim, Patsy and Zabrina Miller traveled to Dickinson Saturday.

Jim, Patsy and Zabrina Miller attended a Shriners meeting in Lemmon Saturday evening.

Matt and Christi Miller picked up Zabrina Miller Sunday evening.

Patsy, Christi and Zabrina Miller attended the Halloween party at Rosebud Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon.

JoAnne Seim and Dawn Harris hosted the annual Halloween party at the Rosebud Church Sunday afternoon.

Ken Krisle visited with Thelma Sandgren Wednesday afternoon.

Friday evening, James and Marci Sandgren were visitors of Thelma Sandgren.

Sarah, Spencer and McKenna Dreiske were Friday visitors of Albert and Bridget Keller and family.

Bridget, Bodee, Terek and Teagen Keller made a trip to Hettinger Saturday.

Sunday, Albert and Bridget Keller and family went to Bison for Korbin’s Preschool singing and then they went to the Rosebud church in the afternoon for the annual Halloween party.


Gary and Janet Jorgensen attended Reformation Services, baptism and confirmation at American Lutheran in Bison Sunday.

Carolyn and Jerry Petik have been spending time in Lemmon at the Nursing home visiting family and friends this past week.


Tuesday, Vern Klein drove Hope and Zack to Hettinger to see the vet.

Thursday, the Klein family stopped at Allen Storm’s.  Hope, James and Jade were given pumpkins.

Vern and Roni Klein attended Jade Schaff’s parent/teacher conferences Thursday evening.

Vern, Veronica and Hope Klein, along with Dani Kling attended a Halloween Costume party in Lemmon Friday evening.  Hope Klein won 1st prize cash money and a trophy.  Dani Kling was a Friday overnight guest of Hope.

Saturday, Veronica Klein took Jade Schaff to the Lemmon Elementary School “Halloween Bash”.

Saturday, Vern and James Klein and Dani Kling took Hope Klein to Hettinger to the clinic to have her knee looked at.  When they returned to Lemmon, they met up with Veronica and Jade.  Hope Klein too them all out to lunch with her winnings for the night before. Jade Schaff then went to the home of Vicki Barnes to play with Darla and Reba Barnes. Later in the afternoon, Jade went to Kelly Day’s house and they went to the show “My Little Pony”. Jade was an overnight guest of Kelly.

Vern, Veronica and Hope Klein and Dani Kling went to two Halloween parties in Lemmon. They enjoyed the Cedar Tones and then went to Lemmon Rec. Hope and Dani each won a cash prize for their Halloween costumes. Hope was an 1800 Plague Doctor and Dani was an Eskimo. Dani spent Saturday overnight with Hope Klein.

Vern and James Klein went to the Neuburg Church Sunday afternoon to work on a few things.   Jade Schaff was returned to her home by the Day’s. Dani Kling returned to her dad, Wayne Kling’s home.

Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.