Scranton hosts weed and grazing management seminar

The seminar was hosted at the Scranton Community Center.
(Courtesy Photo)

Over 70 people participated in a workshop entitled “Targeted Grazing for Drought and Weed Management” that was held at the Scranton Community Center on Nov. 1, 2017.  The workshop was headlined by Kathy Voth, Livestock for Landscapes, with her presentation “Almost everything you need to know about teaching cows to eat weeds”.  Kathy shared how animals choose what to eat and how to train cows to eat weeds in just seven hours over eight days.

Cheryl Mandich, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), kicked off the workshop discussing ABC and how she can assist in bringing agencies, groups and funding to projects that promote grazing lands.  Randy Gaebe, Bowman County Weed Department, discussed restoring rangeland by reducing invasive species while rejuvenating native species predominantly through grazing. Jodi Forman, Range Management Specialist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), discussed how that agency is promoting planning prior to implementing practices and providing funding for those practices.  Jerry Schaar, producer, discussed using cattle and temporary fencing for targeting weeds and less desirable grass species along with cooperating with numerous agencies and groups to get technical and financial assistance.

Erin Gaugler, North Dakota State University (NDSU), gave an agency update and trained the group on using the Grazing and Monitoring Stick.  The grazing stick is an excellent tool for measuring and monitoring grass land utilization.  Dr. Kevin Sedivec, NDSU, discussed drought management for grazing in order to keep the range and pastures productive.  Laverne Teske, Scranton Equity, provided an excellent discussion about temporary fencing and information about new products available by Gallagher.  Kathy Voth wrapped up the workshop with more information on utilizing cattle to eat the highly nutritious, but often noxious weeds.

Sponsors of the very informational meeting were: Scranton Equity, RZ Motors Inc., Agassiz Seed & Supply, Dakota Western Bank – Scranton, Gallagher,  American Bird Conservancy, and the World Wildlife Fund.