From the Editor: A Final Word

After more than two years as editor of the Adams County Record, I have made the difficult decision to move on to the next chapter of my professional career and will be leaving the paper—and journalism—for a marketing position. My final day is Friday, Nov. 17.
Record Editor
When I was appointed to editor of the Record, it signified a jump in my professional career. I had been serving the communities of Slope and Hettinger counties for the previous 12 months and the owners of Country Media had enough confidence in my skill set to put me in charge of another publication.
Adams County is a bigger paper too. Larger circulation and larger population—which led to the necessity of more coverage.
When I arrived the paper was a little bumpy. There had been sort of a revolving door of writers, and my hire (I think) was an attempt to bring some stability to the content.
I hope I did it justice.
I worked very hard to get to know the community. I attended sporting events, called community leaders, and chatted with city and county officials.
Most of you know, I do not live in any of the communities this paper serves. But I tried extra hard to make sure I was a familiar face in Adams County.
I’ve had some incredible experiences in my time with the Adams County Record.
I’ve also had my fair share of critics, which is to be expected in this line of work. But I don’t dispel the critics. Journalists need to be called out and critiqued to keep them honest, and keep the truth on the pages. I hold no grudges towards those that disagreed with a stance or an article with my name on it.
This job, with it supporters and detractors, has helped me grow professionally. In hindsight, however, I think it has had more of an impact on my personal life. Being an editor/reporter has increased my self confidence exponentially. You don’t know confidence until you go to your first city council meeting with flash photography!
Is there more I could have done?
Yes, of course there some things left on the table that I’m left wondering ‘what if?’
And as my career with Country Media progressed I was given editorial control of another publication, leaving me in charge of three papers. This change undoubtably pulled some of my attention away from the Record, which has caused me some regret.
But I can say with 100 percent confidence that I always worked as hard as I could, and tried to give you the best product you could have each week.
Everyone in Adams County made me feel welcomed, even when I was asking the hard questions. And I’ll never forget what this job did for me personally and professionally.
I leave you with this; as confidence in print journalism wanes, don’t forget your community newspaper. Buy a subscription, place that ad, and send in your photos—and maybe take a stab at writing something! A community newspaper is such an important part of rural America, and if it ever leaves, it’s unlikely to return.
So to residents of Adams County…thank you for all the memories!

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  1. Thanks Cole. You’ll be missed. But onward! Lets all support our local Newspaper. We need to know what’s going on. Communication is one of the main keys to our future.

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