Region 5 Postseason Awards Announced

Kludt named Athlete of The Year

Isaiah Kludt was named Region 5 Senior Athlete of The Year. (Record Photo by Cole Benz)

The 2017 All-Region 5 football team and the Western Roughrider All-Conference selections from Mott-Regent/New England and Hettinger-Scranton were announced and are listed below. Selected for the Region 5 Senior Athlete of the Year was Hettinger-Scranton’s Isaiah Kludt. I ran the statistics from the web site Digital Scout to check out his stats for this past season.


He rushed for 1015 yards for an 8.05 yards per carry average and 12 touchdowns. He also caught 11 passes for 395 yards and six touchdowns along with returning four kick-offs for scores.
I talked with Isaiah’s father John, if any colleges were interested in Isaiah. He told me every college in North Dakota except the University of North Dakota has shown interest. In addition colleges from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Kansas have contacted him. Two Ivy League colleges sent him an invitation to workout with them but they decided not to attend. The colleges showing the most interested are Bemidji State in Minnesota, Dickinson State, Minot State and Jamestown University.
Mr. Kludt also added that even a student/athletic from a small town in North Dakota can be noticed if they work hard enough at their specialty.
1st Team Offense:
Quarterback: Evan Hanke – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Running Back: Josh Wallace – Mott-Regent/New England
Running Back: Isaiah Kludt – Hettinger-Scranton
Tight End: Jaren Wojahn – Beach
Wide Receiver: Cody Perkins – Mott-Regent/New England
Wide Receiver: Garret Soupir: New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Offensive Line: Austin Hartman – Shiloh Christian
Offensive Line: Trevor Hoff – Grant County-Flasher
Offensive Line: Gunnar Farstveet – Beach
2nd Team Offense
Quarterback: Jaden Mitzel – Shiloh Christian
Running Back: Kayden Hornberger – Central McLean
Running Back: Gage Swanson – Beach
Tight End: Logan Kuntz – Richardton-Taylor/Hebron
Wide Receiver: Tate Nordby – Mott-Regent/New England
Wide Receiver: Trey Brunelle – Shiloh Christian
Offensive Line: Dylan Thiel – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Offensive Line: Logan Schriock – Grant County-Flasher
Offensive Line: Josh Lardy – Shiloh Christian
At-Large 1st Team
Offensive Line: Denit Sorenson – Mott-Regent/New England
Running Back: Lane Wells – Grant County-Flasher
Running Back: Clay Mattern – Beach
Linebacker: Seth Laframboise – Central McLean
1st Team Defense:
Defensive Line: Bartholomew Ogbu – Shiloh Christian
Defensive Line: Braden Zuroff – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Defensive Line: Ryan Woroniecki – Richardton-Taylor/Hebron
Linebacker: Hunter Crist – Mott-Regent/New England
Linebacker: Josiah Orluck – Beach
Linebacker: Canaan Fagerland – Shiloh Christian
Linebacker: Brandon Schroeder – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Defensive Back: Tanner Zenter – Mott-Regent/New England
Defensive Back: Kyle Burwick – Hettinger-Scranton
2nd Team Defense
Defensive Line: Hunter Kepplin – Mott-Regent/New England
Defensive Line: Hunter Frederick – Grant County-Flasher
Defensive Line: Ty Van Horn – Beach
Linebacker: Garrett Hatzenbuhler – Grant County-Flasher
Linebacker: Dawson Bueligen – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Linebacker: Tony Kolar – Richardton-Taylor/Hebron
Linebacker: Justin Hagen – Shiloh Christian
Defensive Back: Jonas Jonson – Shiloh Christian
Defensive Back: Aaron Roth – Mott-Regent/New England
At-Large 2nd Team:
Wide Receiver: Chauncey Dittus – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
Tight End: Jonas Mitzel – Shiloh Christian
Defensive Back: Ty Snyder – Central McLean
Defensive Back: Cole Erickson – Beach
Individual Awards:
Lineman of the Year: Bartholomew Ogbu – Shiloh Christian
Back of the Year: Josh Wallace – Mott-Regent/New England
Senior Athlete of the Year: Isaiah Kludt – Hettinger-Scranton
Co-Coaches of the Year: Mike Zier – Beach, Steve Kleinjan – New Salem-Almont/Glen Ullin
2017 Western Roughrider All-Conference 9-Man selections:
Mott-Regent-New England:
Josh Wallace 12, Denit Sorenson 12, Hunter Crist 12, Hunter Koepplin 12, Aaron Roth 12. Honorable mentions: Tate Nordby 11, Cody Perkins 11, Dalton Miller 12.
Isaiah Kludt 12, Kyle Burwick 11, Jacob Dix 11, Jaxon Mellmer 11. Honorable mentions: Ty Warbis 10, Sam Urwiller 11, Jeran Anderson 9.
All-Region 5 Academic Team

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