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Marci Sandgren picked Thelma Sandgren up Tuesday and took her to Bison. James Sandgren took her to Rapid City for an appointment. Thelma stayed with Georgia Sandgren overnight. Wednesday Mariette Cornella and Georgia Sandgren took Thelma to an appointment and in the evening, they all went out to supper with the Cornella’s and Hanson’s and Sandgren.
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Thursday, Alton and Marietta Cornella brought Thelma Sandgren back to Lemmon.
Sunday, James and Marci Sandgren and Victor visited Thelma Sandgren at the Lemmon Nursing home Sunday afternoon.
Thursday, Tiss Johnson and Morell Hirning made trips to Dickinson and Bismarck.
Saturday Tiss Johnson participated in the Lemmon Christmas Fair
Sunday Tiss Johnson participated in the Mott Christmas Fair.
Sunday evening, Tiss Johnson visited with Bertha Hirning at the nursing home in Mott to wish her a happy belated birthday, give her a card and gift. Her birthday was Saturday.
Lynn Frey attended the Leadership seminar in Pierre Wednesday and Thursday, put on by SD Rural Water.
Saturday, Lynn Frey attended the Lemmon Christmas Fair.
Sunday, Dean Frey and three hunters from WI were afternoon helpers of Lynn Frey to work cattle.
Elizabeth Gunn of Rapid City spent the weekend with her parents, Vince and Susan Gunn.
Elizabeth and Susan Gunn attended the Christmas Fair in Lemmon Saturday.
Bridget Keller and the kids made a trip to Lemmon Friday.
Bridget Keller and Bodee attended the Lemmon Christmas Fair Saturday.
Ole Sletten of Center, ND was a Sunday overnight guest of Albert and Bridget Keller and family.
Bridget Keller accompanied Sarah Dreiske to the movie in Hettinger Sunday evening.
Jim and Patsy Miller spent Monday in Faith.
Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Lemmon and Morristown Tuesday.
Jim and Patsy Miller played cards at the Senior Center in Hettinger Friday afternoon.
Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller spent Saturday with Jim and Patsy Miller. In the evening, they traveled to Smoky’s in Meadow for a Shriners meeting.
Matt, Christi and Zabrina Miller spent Sunday with Jim and Patsy Miller.
Shirley and Lexi Johnson went to church at Rosebud Sunday and then out to dinner at Summerville.
Several Indian Creek ladies and Pastor Tera Kossow gathered together this week to make decorations for the Parade of Christmas trees that will be set up in the Perkins County Courthouse during the month of December.
Friday, Vern, Roni and Hope Klein traveled to Hettinger.
Friday evening, Anthony Schaff of Dickinson arrived at the Klein home to spend the weekend hunting.
Saturday, Anthony Schaff, Jim Klein, Jesse and Elyse Crouch went hunting.
Roni and Hope Klein attended the Lemmon Christmas Fair Saturday morning.
Late Saturday night, Vern, Roni and Hope Klein and Jade Schaff; Howie and Crystal Geist attended a BBQ hosted by Anthony Schaff, Jim Klein, Jesse and Elyse Crouch.
Anthony Schaff, Jim Klein, Jesse and Elyse Crouch went hunting again Sunday. Anthony Schaff returned to his home in Dickinson Sunday evening
Tiss Johnson is a local columnist, reporting on community news from around the region.

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