Our Future is Bright

What a gathering as over seventy Hettinger community members came together last week. The Hettinger Movie Theater was the location for local residents to express ideas and have a say into what they want for Hettinger’s future.


Ideas expressed included keeping the spirit of the areas uniqueness with the last great buffalo hunts and the annual after Thanksgiving Christmas parade. Many new ideas were conveyed to keep Hettinger relevant with goods and services locally. The town hall style meeting was called to both gather information and give information. A few business owners used the meeting to announce and promote new businesses in various planning stages.

Two new businesses planning to open over the next few months include a full service clothing store. This store will stock various appareal for infants up to adults. A complete coffee shop is also in the works that will promote various arts with an emphasize on highlighting local artists. Getting dozens of people together for the common good of one vision was overwhelmingly expressed with the idea of building a community center. There were many other ideas and opinions as to what people want to see forecasted for Hettinger. The take away silver lining is that the conversation is just beginning. We will keep you informed as strategic plans develop.

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