West River Health Services awarded ND Department of Health Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Grant

Matt Shahan, CEO today announced that the North Dakota Department of Health Comprehensive Cancer Control Program has awarded grant funds in the amount of $7000 to West River Health Services.

The funds will be used to implement healthy concession options at Hettinger Public School events, develop a Nutrition/Healthy Cooking Class for community members and provide open gym opportunities for families during the winter months in Hettinger.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in North Dakota. Through the efforts of West River Health Services, Hettinger Public School, Southwestern District Health Unit and NDSU Extension projects such as Combat Cancer through Nutrition and Movement in Hettinger are vital to prevent cancer, save lives and/or improve the quality of lives of North Dakotans.

Together, we will make the vision of a cancer-free North Dakota a reality. For more information, please contact Patty Ness at 701-567-6177 or patrician@ wrhs.com.

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