Up & Coming Business Breathes New Life on Main Street

Calling all artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. The Peacock Mercantile, a coffee shop setting up on Main Street in Hettinger, plans to spice things up and bring some variety to the table. The Record had the opportunity to visit with Pam Burch, owner, who recently unveiled the name and the Peacock’s aspirations for the community during the Wake-Up Santa Parade.
Right off the bat, Pam wants you to know that it’s more than coffee and tea. The reason Pam decided on a peacock for the name and logo for the business comes from a peacock’s display of integrity and beauty. This new business strives to bring out the best of the community’s very own beauty through personality and talents. On top of that, The Peacock Mercantile encourages small local businesses to join in to offer unmatched variety in one location. But yes, delicious, hot gourmet coffee and tea will be available as well.
Pam feels a great deal of passion to bring back the artistic culture that seems to have been lost. Her compassion led her to purchasing the old photography building on Main Street which is in the process of undergoing a complete renovation. The renovating and refurbishment intends to return the building to its former glory. “I wanted to start from a blank canvas.” said Pam regarding the renovations. “I wanted a place with a lot of character.”

The antique preservation of the aged building plays a key role in setting the overall atmosphere of The Peacock. For instance, Pam will offer High Tea which is a very British “tea and crumpets” mealtime which will be served in a genuine, old-fashioned tea pot which you can sip out of English tea cups while you sit in comfy seats and enjoy the antique luster of the room. It all makes for a fantastic authentic feel that you can get right here at home. A potential bakery with a full kitchen is in the works and artwork is already on display in the front windows.
The Peacock Mercantile will give local artisans a platform to shed more light on the elegance and artistry that she feels is under appreciated. The mercantile side of the Peacock means to provide a variety of prospects. “This is not just my building, it’s the community’s.” Pam exclaimed. “Hettinger is a great place and the idea is to come for the artistry and stay for the coffee. I want to give the locals a place to put their artwork and crafts on display.”

Pam has a stellar outlook, positive attitude, and a dedicated drive to give the community something truly special. With a ways to go regarding the renovations, Pam is very receptive to more ideas that will make The Peacock even better. Pam and her husband, Andrew, are working diligently to officially open their doors. At this time, the completion and grand opening of The Peacock is projected to be summer of 2018.
Local artisans are encouraged to get in touch with The Peacock Mercantile if they are interested in collaborating. Also, Burch says, if artists have an idea of something you would like to see available in the store, let them know.
It is very exciting that The Peacock Mercantile is on the way. In a time where so many buildings on Main Street sit empty, it is refreshing to hear there’s something so unique in store for all of us. Considering this business is, in a way, a reflection of the community, its more than possible that we could see the grand opening sooner if we pitch in. Applications are available for work, and your voice is important to the Peacock Mercantile.
Check out The Peacock Mercantile located at 213 South Main Street, in Hettinger.
For inquiries or suggestions, give Pam Burch a call at 605-641-8179. You can also visit their website at www.PeacockMercantile.com.

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