Getting to know North Dakota FFA President Cole Ketterling

The 90th Annual National FFA Convention has wrapped up, and North Dakota FFA (ND FFA) President,
Cole Ketterling of Wishek, ND, has nearly six months of experience within his new role. As a student
leader of this growing organization, and an enrolled student with North Dakota State University,
Ketterling plays a vital role in the promotion of North Dakota’s youth and agriculture. The ND FFA sat
down Ketterling in an effort to get to know him, hear about some of his experiences halfway through his
position’s term and hear his insight on the future of North Dakota’s number one economic drive:
Q: As President of ND FFA, what is your role/what are your responsibilities?
A: I have a few different roles as a state FFA officer and as the President. Throughout the year, some of
my responsibilities include coordination and facilitating FFA events across the state. It is my
responsibility to be the voice of the members, whether that be representing them as a delegate at National
Convention, or as a member of the ND FFA Foundation’s board of directors. One of my favorite things
about being a state officer is traveling around the state and meeting new members. I love to hear their
stories and see the ways FFA chapters operate differently. One thing my team and I are aiming to promote
in our term are Supervised Agricultural Experiences. We want more members of community members to
know about them and how beneficial they can be for local communities. We are encouraging the growth
and exposure of these through social campaigns and have enjoyed hearing stories of FFA members who
have shared their stories on these platforms.
Q: What has your involvement in ND agriculture been?
A: I grew up on a family farm Southwest of Wishek, North Dakota. I have more of a traditional
agriculture experience: My family raises spring wheat, corn, sunflowers and soybeans. My family farm
also backgrounds yearlings.
Q: What excites you about agriculture and its future?
A: What excites me most about the future of agriculture are the opportunities. This industry is constantly
changing and there is a wide variety of areas for young people to find success in. There are many different
avenues to pursue in agriculture, and these avenues need to be pursued in order for agriculture to be
successful in the future. Many of the areas of expansion are not the traditional areas of agriculture we’re
used to knowing and hear about and I mainly attribute technology for this. The youth of today can be
involved in agriculture through drones, through organic farming and production and through renewable
energy creation. The opportunities and businesses that will be created are going to be incredible.

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