Local Resident Attends National Convention

“The American Dream is at peril. We are at war on our farms and ranches,” said Martha Boneta who owns Liberty Farm in Paris, Virginia. She bought the farm but did not know is was part of an environmental trust. She has fought to get rid of it for 10 years. The people in charge of the trust believe that people should live in cities and not on farms as they disturb the ‘view-shed’ of the land. The trust is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and even tried to shut down her daughter’s birthday party saying it was a staged event and she needed a permit or pay up to $15,000 a day. Private property is now the battle ground. We have been overtaxed and overburdened by too many regulations.
Members traveled from across the country to attend the National Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE) convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming on November 8-11, 2017. There were eight new members present.
Delegates from North Dakota were Diane McDonald of Inkster, Deb Dressler of Richardton, Darcy Dressler of Richardton and Marlene Kouba of Regent.
Ryan McGuffey and Joel Pieper, partners in a local law firm, explained estate planning, trusts and tax laws. Stacia Berry spoke about her position and duties as Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture.
Bill Bullare, CEO of R-CALF, stated that we now have only four packers and they don’t like country of origin labeling. Trade policies have allowed record exports to Canada and Mexico as we import twice the number of the same products. Check-offs pay for lobbying and are often used against us.
“The Antiquities Act has limited authority but it has been abused,” said Jim Carlson of the Kansas Natural Resource Coalition. Congress is not supposed to give away its authority as they make laws. There is a blurring of lines with the 438 agencies and their regulations.
Some of the group toured a buffalo ranch while a smaller group created a scenic water color painting. An ABC coloring book for pre-school children was given to members to take home for area schools.
Nebraska WIFE presented “Demand US Beef ” bumper stickers for sale and fundraisers. Other fundraisers will include a cookbook, a quilt and pink pumpkins to fight breast cancer.
Members attending the DC meeting in March are invited to meet with President Donald Trump as he signs a proclamation declaring “Women Involved in Farm Economics Day”.
New officers for 2018 are President Diane McDonald of Inkster, ND; Vice- President Jennifer Jones of Nebraska; Secretary Pam Potthoff of Nebraska; Treasurer Jenifer Felzien of Colorado and Area Directors Deb Dressler of Richardton, North Dakota and Donna Bolz of Nebraska. Other members from North Dakota elected on the national level include Membership Chairman Darcy Dressler of Richardton, Homeland Security Chairman Marlene Kouba of Regent and Specialty Crops Chairman Mary Ann Unruh of Dickinson.
WIFE is a non-profit grassroots organization started in 1976 and is committed to improving profitability to production agriculture. For more information, check the website of www.nationalwife.org or contact mmkouba@ndsupernet.com.