Serenity Now!

A new, familiar business has opened its doors in Hettinger. Located in the heart of downtown, Annie Johnson brings the tools, the technique, and the license to massage the community to serenity.

By Andy Roel

Massage therapy is not an uncommon practice in the area. As of right now there are five licensed therapists in Hettinger, including its newest practitioner Annie Johnson. After graduating Hettinger High School in 2015, Annie pursued an education in massage therapy by studying at Globe University in Moorhead, Minnesota. “I wanted to help people” said Annie. “My passion is helping people feel better and getting rid of pain”.

Annie Johnson

Annie graduated from Globe University in September 2016. “It was tougher than I thought” Annie remarked on her experiences in school. Her program was only 11 months long, cramming a lot of information and hands on work to be done in a short amount of time. “It was hard for me to grasp the hands-on training due to my own complications”.

Annie explained that she was involved in a horrific car accident when she was only two years old. The result of which took a toll on Annie’s ability to have complete feeling in her right hand. “The muscles in my right arm are compressing my nerves so I can’t clearly feel what I’m touching”. Annie ended up spending a lot of her time toying with different techniques, and trying different approaches to ensure her clients get the best quality massage. “It was stressful, I thought about quitting. I thought it would be hard to keep up with the other massage therapists in town”. But after consulting with her school instructor and other therapists in the Hettinger area, Annie pulled through, graduated Globe University with honors, and developed the confidence to deliver.

Considering there are other local massage therapists, Annie made sure to tell me there is no bitter rivalry or competition. “There’s more than a few therapists, because Hettinger loves massage”. It seems it’s not about competition, more so accommodation. “We’re all friends. We refer clients back and forth”.

As for what Annie brings to the table, she offers deep tissue, Swedish, sport, and Spontaneous Muscle Release Techniques (SMRT). “Right now, the most important thing for me is building my cliental. I want to focus on establishing myself, working with the community and accommodating”. Annie offers first time clients a discount of $40.00/hr. She also plans on a gift certificate program starting soon.

For each individual client, you will be treated to a tranquil, private room. Once inside you will find a comfortable, heated massage table complete with fresh sheets just waiting for you to climb aboard. Relaxing music gently caresses your ear drums and the aroma of essential oils is a welcome treat to your sense of smell. Hot towels are also available at request.

Annie’s business is located at 115 South Main Street, in Hettinger. Hours are very flexible and times are determined around the client’s schedule. To set-up your appointment, give Annie a call at 701-928- 1162.