Local Café Calls for Backup

From Left to Right: Sheriff Travis Collins, Deputy Bill Earl

This holiday season, the Adams County Sheriff’s Department not only served up justice, but turkeys and hams as well.


Cindy Abrahamson of the C & N Café in Hettinger wanted to help some folks this Christmas who may not have a nice holiday meal. She decided to order up a dozen turkeys and a dozen hams to be divvied out and needed just a little help doing it.

Sheriff Travis Collins and the deputies of the Adams County Sheriff’s Department answered the call and transported the turkeys and hams to citizens all over the county. Thanks to C & N Café with the help of the Adams County Sheriff’s Department, hunger was arrested and tummies had the right to remain satisfied.

“We would like to express our sincerest holiday wishes and a huge thank you to the C & N Cafe in Hettinger. They were gracious enough to allow our department to assist them with spreading some holiday greetings around our wonderful community. They donated several turkeys and hams which we had the honor to deliver to several citizens around the area. We had a great time and are honored to protect and serve the community.” -Adams County Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Management

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