Coldest Place on Planet Earth

Mere hours into the new year and Hettinger already nabbed the title of being the most frigid place to be on planet Earth, achieving notoriety by the United States National Weather Service of Bismarck, North Dakota:

“Hettinger, ND dropped down to -45F at 7:25 AM MST today. This appears to be one of the coldest, if not the coldest, recorded temperature on the planet today!”

By Andy Roehl

Parshall, ND, however, still holds the record for coldest temperature in North Dakota with a brisk -60F which graced the region on Jan. 15th, 1936.

The frosty reception of 2018 certainly left an impression as people scrambled to keep their cars alive and their evening festivities from freezing over. The annual Night Hawk Drug and Alcohol Coalition New Year’s Eve party was even cancelled because of the dangerous, artic conditions warning everyone to stay at home where it was warm and safe.

Jack Frost not only nipped at our noses, he outright mauled our faces and enjoyed our snotsicles for dessert. We all truly suffer when mother nature decides to be a cruel hoarfrost. At least we can all take comfort in knowing that average winter weather is on the way, putting this ice cream factory feel behind us to some degree. Get those beach towels and bikinis ready because we’re looking at highs in the teens and 20’s very, very soon!

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